Trend Translation: Blanket Coats

Dear readers, as the rest of you are about to enter the chilly season, I am sat sunning myself in my bikini. Confusing much? Yes sir! Especially when it comes to fashion trends.

As the Europeans and North Americans start to cover up for winter, it's time for an all-in guide to one of the biggest trends on the Autumn/ Winter runways: Blanket Coats.

Southern-Hemisphere fashionistas: you're probably thinking 'wow that sounds sweaty', but let me introduce you to my trend translation: A way to wear the hottest reverse-season trends at comfortable temperatures.

On The Runway
Roberto Cavalli
Salvatore Ferragamo
Burberry Porsum
(Above pictures from

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Approaching winter? Embrace the snow and go all out blanket chic- never has been snug looked so chic!


The easiest  way to embrace the trend is by effortlessly throwing a blanket over your get up. If your worried about looking too much like a rug, keep the blanket over one shoulder.

If Burberry's a bit out of your price range, the good old high street have provided some stylish alternatives.
This cute striped number is perfect to throw over a fitted trench or jumper for an instant style update. 
If you want something a bit more structured, this cardigan from Topshop will do the trick! Aussie girls: this piece is also great for those late night bonfires on the beach when it tends to get a bit nippy. 

If you want a real style steal, why not use an actual blanket? Ok, so wearing your bedding does sound a little crazy, but hey, it works! Ensure you go for a funky print like Ferragamo's plaid patterns, that way it doesn't look like you've stolen your Granny's duvet!

It's Getting Hot In Here
Aussie chicas, (or South American- if your reading this-hola!) I bet your sitting in air conditioning right now thinking there could be nothing worse then throwing a large blanket over your attire! But lets translate the trend to be suitable for summer, taking inspiration from textures, patterns and silhouettes as seen on the A/W runways.

Rock a draped, fringed kimono
This River Island kimono still has the fringed Bohemium vibes of Etro's blanket coat, but is much lighter and friendly for those long beach days.

Throw a Printed Scarf Over One Shoulder

This oversized Nordstrum scarf still ticks the boxy-plaid print boxes. Throw it over a tank top and your rocking the trend summer-style! 

The Blanket Bag 

If it's too hot to actually wear your blanket, why not carry it? Embrace Burberry Porsum's global traveler prints and textures with a blanket bag: perfect for those picnics in the park!

The Sleeveless Waterfall Jacket
These cascade waterfall vests literally look like the trends summery little sister! Love love love!

 Are you rocking blanket coats summer or winter style?

Rachel xoxo


  1. Amazing selection !


  2. superbe selection photos!

  3. Absolutely love this tribal/Aztec trend. Great post!

    xo, Lisette

  4. I love this trend!!! I already got one blanket-coat from Zara!

    1. Jealous!! It's coming into summer here in Australia so it's way too hot for blanket coats xxx

  5. I agree with you-- blanket coats are great! I don't have one yet but I can just imagine sitting around an outdoor firepit wrapped up in my blanket coat and toasting some marshmallows ;)

    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  6. Love these blanket coats! Right now it's very hot in Spain so I can wear sandals :)

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

    1. Ooo that sounds like a long Spanish summer! It's super hot here too so blanket coats would be a bit crazy xx

  7. Nice dear, adore the trend! chic and fun...
    I have a new look on my blog; come visit!
    Kisses from Miami,

  8. I love love love the Burberry blanket OP has - so chic!

    - Deniz

    1. Olivia Palermo always looks so perfect :) xx

  9. I am obsessed with them ! Would LOOOOVE the Burberry one :)

  10. So cozy! The Burberry one is my very fav!! :)


  11. OBSESSED with your blanket coats for Fall! LOVVVE this trend so much, it's so cozy!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  12. i absolutelly love this trend!
    happy halloween



    1. Thanks gorgeous and happy Halloween to you too! xx

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