31 October 2014

The Look: Sisterhood of The Travelling Shirt

Top: Gift from a friend
Pants: Local Boutique
Heels: Local Boutique
Earrings: Lovisa
Bangle: From a market in Greece
Clutch: Keepsake The Label

Photography by Matthew Barlow. Also a huge thanks to Haruko Kurihara who helped with the lighting.

 If you have never seen 'The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' go and watch it- pronto! This top/dress is much like the baggy, old jeans on that movie; being constantly being passed between friends. The top was first bought by a friend, who, convinced it didn't suit her, donated it to another friend. That said friend then thought that it wasn't quite her style and it ended up in my wardrobe.

Thanks guys! Although it is probably a dress on a girl who is shorter than myself, I prefer to wear it as a top. And what better way to glam it up then with skinny pleather pants and heels. Speaking of these heels, I absolutely adore them, and they were kind to my wallet too: I scored them for just $5!

I am also totally obsessed with these Lovisa studs, that actually contain real flowers! Cool, hey?

What's the best piece you've ever recieved from a friend?

AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I will be dressing up as Elsa from Frozen.


P.S. Thank you IFB for selecting my post for your weekly roundup :)

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    1. obsessed with everything! That little floral peplum top is just to die for, and ohhhh your accessories are just perfect! Well done babe, I am your new fan! xo


      1. Hey lovely! Thank you for the comment, so sweet of you :) xx

    2. I love that floral top on you, the print is so pretty!

      1. Thanks Laura, I also adore the print- it's so unique! xx

    3. WoW! That heels for $5?! Great find!

      Jessica |

    4. I very like the floral print on my closet <3 You are very nice

    5. The best pieces are the ones that are on a crazy good price like those shoes! I got a maxi dress from a friend as a teenager but then i swore on it during my pregnancy after marriage.

      XOXO JuJu

      1. Cool that sounds like a long-time useful gift :) I agree, some bargains are just so classic! xx

    6. Only 5 $ ??????? Nice choice dear! And congratulations also for your beautiful top! Kisses (and thanks for your visit),

      1. I know, it's so cheap! Thanks gorgeous xxx

    7. wonderful. the shirt is so lovely - great flower print!

    8. I love the fabric on that dress! It looks great on you-- so awesome that it was given to you by friends :)

      Daisy | Simplicity Relished

    9. Replies
      1. Thanks darling, that's so sweet of you :) xx

    10. How lovely!… nice peplum top and sandals <3
      Have a great november!
      Xox from Miami,

    11. Amazing story of that top/dress! Love the jewelry pieces. You look gorgeous.

      Jasmine x
      For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

    12. Love skirts, my fav are the leather ones !

      Great pictures, very inspiring !

    13. No words, i wish i was an ant being crushed by your amazing heels !!
      Perfecto !!

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