12 October 2014

Quiz: Find Your Perfect New Season Denim

A good pair of jeans never go out of style, except maybe your dads 70s bell-bottoms, which I officially give you permission to lock away in a dark, dark, place.....

Denim is the dictionary definition of versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything, but how do you know if you are rocking the right pair to make the most of your figure? Tune in for my fail-proof guide to new season jean-age and take my cheeky quiz at the end to find your dream denim best friends.

High Waist Jeans
Every long-torsoed chica needs a pair of these in every colour! They give the illusion of longer legs, balancing out and shortening your mid section and giving you Naomi's legs. This also makes them a great option for petite women!

Kim Kardashian's high waist jeans lengthen her legs, balancing out her lower and upper halves and adding to her awesome hour-glass figure. This shape is also great for showing off a teeny waist.



Bottom heavy Jessica Simpson should have avoided fussy detailing around the thigh area making it appear larger. Although the bottom of her jeans are a great fit, as the boot cut balances out her legs, Jessica should have left the crazy belts at home and gone for a regular rise shape.


Boyfriend Jeans
These are a slim or athletic ladies best bet! Choose a pair with rips around the thighs if you want to add curves or rock off-duty model with a super-baggy pair.

Super tiny Megan Fox adds curves with rips and faded colouring around her thigh area. The petite beauty also knows that tapered jeans are great for adding height! 


 I think Kristen Stewart borrowed R-Patz's ENTIRE wardrobe! Balance out boyfriend jeans with a fitted top to ensure you look curvy, not like a bin bag!


Straight Leg Jeans
Straight leg jeans are perfect for any figure! They are especially fabulous at disguising chunky calves and slimming down big thighs and booties. If you wanna look like you've dropped a dress size, choose a dark indigo colour. 

Mandy Moore looks dressed-down gorgeous in simple straight-leg jeans.

Rebel Wilson rocks her curves in flattering black denim. 


Mom Jeans
Mums? Boyfriends? What's next, dads? Let's hope not! The denim cut that would have been deemed 'nerdy' in previous years is actually pretty flattering. They sit nicely on curvy ladies, flattening the stomach with a high-waist, whilst keeping your figure stream-lined.  

Mom jeans look amazing on Miley! They are the perfect fit for her quirky, retro inspired outfit and actually add curves to the uber-slim pop star.



Mischa Barton's awful moms jeans look is nothing to do with her figure, it's to do with the frumpy bag, shoes and short sleeved jacket she's matched them with. 


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