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26 September 2014

Fashion, Feminism and Emma Watson

Over the last few days, the internet has being taken over by a certain clip. Of course, I'm talking about Emma Watson's UN Speech concerning the launch of the "He For She' campaign. I'm not going to lie, it made me emotional: it hit a really familiar note with me. If you haven't had the opportunity to see this moving speech, view it below:

Often, when I express myself as a feminist both men and women laugh at me. They point out that I bleach my hair and wear makeup, such sexualising activities would surely stop me from coming under the umbrella of a feminist? And SHOCK HORROR I even 'advertise' my so called pro-masochist behavior online through my blog. What? People need to GET REAL. This is not the 1970s and feminism IS NOT a dirty word.

It's 2014: this is an age where you can be fashion-forward AND feminist. Just because I like to look good doesn't mean I'm doing it for a man: to be honest, I'm doing it for myself!! I, like Emma Watson and 99% of other feminists am not a 'man hater'. I DO NOT believe that women should be above men in any way at all, I just think both genders should be equal.

 Feminism should not be seen to exclude beauty, fashion and other activities that are seen as so called 'sexualising'. Its ridiculous!

Both women and men should be free to dress and look as they wish. Fashion is a form of expression and art, not an excuse to brand someone under some sort of gender stereotype.

As Emma Watson stated in her speech, feminism is defined as the 'belief that both men and women should have equal opportunities'. Where on earth does the idea that feminists can't shave their arm pits or have boyfriends come into play? I think many of you will agree that it is frustrating

Emma Watson herself is the epitomisation of a REAL feminist. She believes in gender equality, yet she still dates men, wears makeup and is a fashion icon. After all, she has starred in campaigns for Burberry and Chanel (with **gasp** her boyfriend at the time!)

As Emma mentioned, this gender equality goes both ways and this is especially true when it comes to fashion. I bet many of you know a male friend who dresses stylishly and has being branded as a 'sissy', which, shouldn't even have negative connotations for a man. 

Let's embrace gender equality in all manners in life. Perhaps if we start with gender equality in fashion it can move on to larger matters.

Rachel xoxo

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    1. I love her!!

    2. Really great article, fashionable women can be feminists too ! And thank you for the video, I had not seen it and Emma Watson is incredible !!

      1. You're welcome! I love this video, I think its very moving xx

    3. Great post. Love Emma.

    4. I m crazy about Emma Watson ^^


    5. Wonderful post, Rachel! It's such a common misconception that a woman must look, dress, or act a specific way to be labeled as a "feminist." Gender equality should not discriminate based upon appearance! You hit the nail on the head.


      1. Yeah its so ridiculous! We can still love fashion and fight for gender equality :) xxx

    6. I agree completely. I watched Emma's speech a while ago and was so impressed I even clapped. Hehe. She has a great heart, and I think that we should look beyond genders in this matter and just have same possiblities amongst each other.


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