DIY Daisy and Pearl Choker Tutorial

The choker is undeniably the necklace of the season. With its quirky 90s Sabrina-The-Teenage-Witch Vibe and it's versatility, this is deffo one worth investing in.

But what if I told you they were INCREDIBLY EASY to make?

Tune in for a suuuuper easy tutorial to get that lush little daisy choker for free (sans a few ingredients!)

The Inspiration

(Photos from, Marc Jacobs,,,,

The Finished Product

Like it? Here's how to make your own....

Let's Do It!

You will need:
  • About 30cm of ribbon- the more textured the better!
  • A needle and thread, or, if your feeling lazy, glue!
  • Two cute daisies or any flower you feel like rocking on your choker.
  • Pearls (or beads)
  • Hook and eye (optional)
Cut your ribbon to the width of your neck if you are using hooks and eyes or long enough to tie in a bow at the back of your neck if you're not.
Sew (or glue) two daisies towards the middle of the ribbon (you want them both to be showing on the front of your neck! I added a large pearl in the middle and two smaller either side.
(Erm, why does my bed look a different colour in every photo?  Bizarre! Anyway, moving on...)

If you are using a hook and eye as your necklace fastener, fold over each side of the ribbon underneath and sew on the fasteners (this will ensure the ribbon doesn't fray in time and break your choker).

And you are finished!!!

Rachel xoxo

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