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4 August 2014

The 'Ugly' Shoe Era

As I happily pulled these babies out of my shopping bag...

....I was met with a look of utter disgust from my other half.

'Erm... are you five?', he asked confused.
'Well... I LOVE them'. I replied

We are upon a style era of the 'ugly' shoe. Think clogs, jellies, flatforms, sliders; what I once wouldn't have been seen dead in are now my newest obsession. And I think every Burkenstock-bound fashionista reading this post will nod in agreement.

But when exactly did we sack stilettos and take on their quirkier cousins?

Designers Dump 'Pretty' Shoes
Perhaps this all started back at the start of the year, when a certain Mr Lagerfeld swapped Chanel's usual chic heels for trainers.

Although Chanel's sparkly runners are still undeniably glam, this smart design move sparked a string of designers showcasing their new seasons alongside quirkier foot wear.

Coming hand in hand with the revival of the 1990s, designers began sending everything from sliders to sneakers down the catwalk. I bet the models were happy! On a side note, I remember working at the Michael Lo Sordo show at Sydney Fashion Week and the look on the models faces when they saw the flat sports pumps was priceless!

No longer is being fashionable about wearing the highest heels or the most glam shoes, it is that certain mix of quirkiness and retro glam that we see on girls in the street.

(Chanel S/S 13 from theguardian,com) 
Brogues at Peter Som
Flatforms at Celine
(images from

The End Of The 'It Girl'Era
Back in the noughties, it was all Paris Hilton this and the Hills that. With such 'Beverly Hills' fashion inspo, there's no wonder we all wanted to walk around in little stilettos with dogs in our handbags!

Thank god the whole Paris and Lindsay obsession is OVER.

Now, fashion has moved to take inspiration from the streets. Think more New York, Less Beverly Hills. Our fave bloggers and street fashionistas are now in the front rows of fashion week, and they love a good ugly shoe- woohoo!
Blogger Jessica Stein rocks some Mule Trainers. (Image from

8 'Ugly' Shoes To Invest In This Season
1. The Slider Sandal

Comfy, versatile and go with absolutely EVERYTHING: One in every colour please!
2. The Clog
What was previously reserved for the dutch is now a comfortable heel for all.

3. The Loafer
Easily confused for slippers by the fashion un-educated, these granny-chic babies are a pure foot-gasm!

4. The Jelly Sandal
90s nostalgia or what? Take inspiration from your six year old self and rock some jellies! Extra points for glitter!

5. The Flatform
All the advantages of high heels without the pain!

6. The Platform Heel
Spice up your life with this 90s throwback.
7. The Perspex
Equal in wierdness and glamour, our clear perspex obsession has moved from our bags to our shoes.

8. The Platform Trainer 
Trainers that make your legs look longer- what?!

Which 'ugly' shoes are your fave?



  1. I admit I own 7 out of 8 of these shoes... HAHA! BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I used to despise Birkenstocks (still not sure on my feelings about them) but as of a few weeks ago am the owner of a Birkenstock style pair.... You know what though? They're comfy! Although it's a little scary that the line between people who care about fashion and those who don't is VERY blurred now... because we're all wearing the same ugly shoes hahaha.


    1. Haha thats so true- we are all so close to borrowing shoes from our nans :P I'm in desperate need of some Birkenstocks, but I feel the same way- if I saw them a year ago I would have grimaced at them haha xxx

  2. we have the Jelly Sandals and we really love them!


  3. Great post! You really made me laugh! Great written. I have to admit that I once owned jelly shoes and oh my god they were so comfy! No blisters, no wounds on my feet at all!

    ♘ ♘

    1. Thanks Stella :) Yes I live in good old jellies and my feet are injury free :p xx

  4. I really like your comment and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my blog to see what its about


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