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8 August 2014

The Look: Spice Up Your Life

This dress is the perfect example of why you should keep items you personally adore, despite them going out of fashion. I snapped up this bargainous number three years ago, having seen an almost identical one grace the runways of Dolce and Gabbana. Fruit and vegetable prints had a big moment and then these tasty prints were seldom seen- except on the dinner table!

This season, these vege-licious patterns have made a comeback: big time! Luckily, I kept all my fruit and vegetable print items, well, they are super cute! So there's one less item to shop for...

Just one question: is the print peppers (capsicums) or chillis? Never quite worked that one out...

 Dress: Primark (Primarni :P)
Clogs: Just Jeans
Ruby and Diamond Necklace: A present from my lovely boyfriend :)
Embroidered Bag: Kuranda Markets


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