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12 August 2014

The Fashionistas Guide To The Tropics

What is the first word that comes to your head when you see the word tropical?

Beach? Sunshine? Heat?

I would choose paradise. However, I can personally say that living in the Tropics isn't without challenges when it comes to looking good. Unfortunately, monsoon rain does not give you beachy locks and makeup melting becomes an everyday challenge.

Whether your sunning on the Greek Islands, rocking in Rio, chilling right here in North Queensland or at home dreaming of sunnier times, here's my guide to looking good in all areas of tropical terrain.

Hot Stuff
Everyone loves having a bronzed bod, but few of us think of those nasty little rays penetrating our pores and damaging our skin. Let's be honest, the sun can slowly turn us to wrinkly grannies, so it's always important to wear SPF 30.

'That high?!' I hear you ask... 'How on earth am I supposed to tan?'

Having lived in a place that has an actual hole in the O Zone layer for the past two years, I tend to fake it rather than bake it. Believe me ladies, it's worth it in the long run!  My fave bargain tan is Le Tan spray tan- which dries instantly and doesn't give me peeling redness like too much actual sun.

Combine your perfect tan with a tinted face SPF: it's the best of both worlds

I have oily skin, so I tend to set my tinted sunscreen with a mineral powder, veil and then add bronzer for definition. Spray with hairspray to stop it melting in the heat (a neat little trick I learned from 'The Hills'!)

Of course, there's nothing wrong with lying out in the sun every once and a while, vitamin D is good for you after all!

The Rainforest
The forest is all good, but lets not forget that half of this word is literally rain. Rather then mess up your hair and makeup, it's easier to have some rainy-day goodies to throw on top of your outfit.

Gone are the days when raincoats are ugly!

Rejoice! Those wetter days can now be sorted with a cute cover up.


Team this with cute jelly sandals or wellies!



The Beach
Waterproof mascara and bright lip stain are a must for any sea frollicking missy! Bright lip colours are great for adding definition and a touch of glamour to your face when you are au natural on the beach. Make sure you go for a lip stain to avoid the dreaded lippy-melt, no one wants to look like Ronald McDonald!

 (Elle France)

The one piece swimsuit is the new hot thing, so make sure you rock yours on the beach, and bonus: that high SPF will ensure you don't get dodgy tan lines! Here's some of my favourite swimsuits from Miami Swimwear Fashion Week:

As for hair, let the natural sea salt do its work and twirl hair around your fingers whilst air drying for some serious boho babe!

If it's too hot to have long locks sticking to your shoulders, try an effortless looking up do, such as these beauties below:

And if your too busy chilling on the beach to worry about your hair, slap on a floppy felt hat. Bonus points for extra sun protection.

The Reef
You're probably laughing when your reading this: it's impossible to look sexy while snorkelling right? True, but there are a few tips and tricks .


Number one: you are about to fully emerge in water: unless your makeup is completely waterproof, go without! I tend to use waterproof mascara and tinted sunscreen.


A full braid is the perfect way to protect your hair from the elastic on the snorkel, as well as keeping it off your face while your underwater. Plus: as soon as you get out of the water, you're already well on you're way to that tousled beach look.

The reef is also the perfect place to showcase an on-trend scuba-inspired swimsuit. It's made of the same fabric so it'll still keep you warm, alongside looking hot.

Tropical Fashion
Feel the tropics with punchy colours, flowing shapes, foliage prints and layered jewellery.
(Vogue Brazil)



  1. I love all of this!! So awesome! :)

  2. I love floppy hats and full braids when I go to the beach. They're so romantic and also very practical xoxo, Rachel

    1. Agreed! Floppy hats are gorgeous :) xx

  3. Love all the rainforest-themed style inspiration. Perfect for transitioning from summer to fall (: Just discovered your blog from your comment on mine!


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