25 August 2014

Swedish Minimalism: A Timeless Trend

You've gotta love an item you've had in your wardrobe for almost a decade (wow- do I sound that old?) and one of the oldest pieces in my closet is a simple navy blue t-shirt that I bought in Gothenburg, Sweden when I was sixteen. At 23 that garment still serves me well due to it's timeless, minimalistic, cut and high quality fabric.

No one knows minimalism quite like the Swedes and their clean cut, strong lined neutral coloured fashion are items that you can invest in today and be sure you're still rocking tomorrow!

But what makes Swedish minimalism a trend that seems to stand the test of time?

Well, that's start with a definition. The boffins at say that:

‘Less is more’ accurately describes much of Swedish fashion. There’s a fondness for discreet colours and a pared-down, refined appearance. As with so many aspects of life, Swedes tend to take a practical approach to what they wear, but this doesn’t mean there is any lack of creativity.'

The simple discreetness of Swedish fashion is exactly what makes it complex (check out that for an oxymoron!) The lack of fuss and over-design means that garments allow the eye to be drawn to complex lines, shapes and folds. It's all about the texture of the garment! Guess that's why this look is guaranteed to make you look expensive...

Take, for example, this little number from Cos (above): what it lacks in pattern, colour and combination of fabrics, it makes up for in its quirky square within a square silhouette.
 On the 2014 Runway
It's not just the Scandanavian's that look the cool chicness of minimalism. This year, catwalks around the world have been celebrating everything clean, neutral and tailored.

Calvin Klein RTW S/S 2014
The collection presented a beautifully minimalistic sports luxe appeal with crisp white tailoring and sporty square zip detailing.

David Anderson S/S 2014
David Anderson plays with textures to the max in his newest collection. Perforated leather, pleats and leather inserts make give this minimalist look a bit of a wow factor. 

Michael Lo Sordo S/S 14-15
The Aussie designer took the basic trench and implemented tying structures alongside the relaxed, yet tailored cut of the garments.

Karla Spetic S/S 2014-15
You can't get more minimalist then a white shirt!

Get The Minimalist Look
Minimalism is your one-stop shop for looking effortlessly chic: think off-duty model. And best of all: you need a minimal wardrobe to do this!  Less is always more with this one ladies...

(Cheap Monday)
Some amazing minimalist labels include Helmut Lang, Cheap Monday, Acne and Mango. Or basically, trust anything Swedish!

The hit list:
  • White shirts or shirt dresses.
  • Trench coats.
  • Earthy or neutral colours.
  • Soft tailoring.
  • Denim.
  • Garments in plain fabrics. 
  • Oversized. 
 Give it a miss:
  • Bright colours.
  • Eccentric patterns.
  • Clashing fabrics.
  • Embellishments.
  • Over-accessorizing.
Swedish Minimalism

Mango collar dress, 64 AUD / Cheap monday sweatshirt, 68 AUD / Mango biker vest, 32 AUD / Helmut Lang wrap skirt, 125 AUD / Birkenstock one strap sandals, 80 AUD / Sergio Rossi metal purse, 720 AUD


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  1. Absolutely love the timeless trend, you picket beautiful pieces and collections. Want us to follow each other via GFC? Tell me on my blog :)

    1. Hey Mia :) Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't really use google friend connect I tend to concentrate on Bloglovin. Off to have a look at your blog now xxx

  2. i love the looks :)

  3. Sometimes nothing can beat a great minimalistic look with some great details!

    Love from Munich, L

  4. The older I am the more I appreciate minimalism :)

    1. Yeah me too! I think it's the more you start working in offices, etc :P haha xx

  5. I'm always in a constant battle with myself about whether I want to go full-minimalistic or wear more patterns and colours... but when I see these toned-down, chic looks I definitely feel more inclined to agree with the Swedes.


    1. I have the exact same problem!! I do love patterns though- I think I'll just keep mixing it up and go minimal some days :) Swedish girls always look so effortlessly beautiful though! xx


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