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29 August 2014

The Look: A Touch Of Sport

Dress: Ally, get it here
Jewellery: Lovisa
Bag: Valleygirl
Shoes: Target

My love for sports-esque clothing is a ridiculous juxtaposition to my real-life hatred of sports. This monochrome baseball/basketball/**insertnameofothersport** (see, I really don't know my sports) is a really versatile piece in my wardrobe. I've worn it for a night out on the town with heels and a sparkly clutch and it also looks great with some simple sporty pumps and leather accessories.

Today I injected some 90s zazz with a choker, layered silver chains and a faux-leather bangle. Working as a stylist in a jewellery store, I always love to use accessories to change the look and overall vibe of an outfit. 

On another note, my boyfriend went all-out super photographer and did some cool shadow shots. He was well proud of himself- bless him!

What's your ultimate versatile piece for this season?


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25 August 2014

Swedish Minimalism: A Timeless Trend

You've gotta love an item you've had in your wardrobe for almost a decade (wow- do I sound that old?) and one of the oldest pieces in my closet is a simple navy blue t-shirt that I bought in Gothenburg, Sweden when I was sixteen. At 23 that garment still serves me well due to it's timeless, minimalistic, cut and high quality fabric.

No one knows minimalism quite like the Swedes and their clean cut, strong lined neutral coloured fashion are items that you can invest in today and be sure you're still rocking tomorrow!

But what makes Swedish minimalism a trend that seems to stand the test of time?

Well, that's start with a definition. The boffins at say that:

‘Less is more’ accurately describes much of Swedish fashion. There’s a fondness for discreet colours and a pared-down, refined appearance. As with so many aspects of life, Swedes tend to take a practical approach to what they wear, but this doesn’t mean there is any lack of creativity.'

The simple discreetness of Swedish fashion is exactly what makes it complex (check out that for an oxymoron!) The lack of fuss and over-design means that garments allow the eye to be drawn to complex lines, shapes and folds. It's all about the texture of the garment! Guess that's why this look is guaranteed to make you look expensive...

Take, for example, this little number from Cos (above): what it lacks in pattern, colour and combination of fabrics, it makes up for in its quirky square within a square silhouette.
 On the 2014 Runway
It's not just the Scandanavian's that look the cool chicness of minimalism. This year, catwalks around the world have been celebrating everything clean, neutral and tailored.

Calvin Klein RTW S/S 2014
The collection presented a beautifully minimalistic sports luxe appeal with crisp white tailoring and sporty square zip detailing.

David Anderson S/S 2014
David Anderson plays with textures to the max in his newest collection. Perforated leather, pleats and leather inserts make give this minimalist look a bit of a wow factor. 

Michael Lo Sordo S/S 14-15
The Aussie designer took the basic trench and implemented tying structures alongside the relaxed, yet tailored cut of the garments.

Karla Spetic S/S 2014-15
You can't get more minimalist then a white shirt!

Get The Minimalist Look
Minimalism is your one-stop shop for looking effortlessly chic: think off-duty model. And best of all: you need a minimal wardrobe to do this!  Less is always more with this one ladies...

(Cheap Monday)
Some amazing minimalist labels include Helmut Lang, Cheap Monday, Acne and Mango. Or basically, trust anything Swedish!

The hit list:
  • White shirts or shirt dresses.
  • Trench coats.
  • Earthy or neutral colours.
  • Soft tailoring.
  • Denim.
  • Garments in plain fabrics. 
  • Oversized. 
 Give it a miss:
  • Bright colours.
  • Eccentric patterns.
  • Clashing fabrics.
  • Embellishments.
  • Over-accessorizing.
Swedish Minimalism

Mango collar dress, 64 AUD / Cheap monday sweatshirt, 68 AUD / Mango biker vest, 32 AUD / Helmut Lang wrap skirt, 125 AUD / Birkenstock one strap sandals, 80 AUD / Sergio Rossi metal purse, 720 AUD


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21 August 2014

The Look: Handmade Co-Ords

It's always an amazing feeling to wear something that you've made yourself. I think that all the hours you put in and all the fun you had being creative and individual is somehow embedded into the seams.

This was the case with this set of co-ords I created: I put them on and I just couldn't stop smiling!

I've wanted to rock the co-ord trend for ages, but my pear shape figure (grrr!) made it hard to shop for some that would fit well. I guess this would be the case for anyone whose a different size on the bottom and top...

I always say: if you can't find the perfect item: just make it yourself! I picked up this fabric at Spotlight for $5 per metre and got to work with my puny needle and thread (I am sans sewing machine!)

I somehow managed to create this peplum crop top without making a template- it's all trial and error guys! The skirt took aaaages and I used a simple 2/3 circle skirt template.

And newsflash!!! (Sorry, got a bit excited) I finally got my Birkenstocks! The boyf thinks they belong on a granny, but what does he know about fashion, ey?

Co-ords: Made myself :)
Shoes: Birkenstock
Sunglasses: K Mart

Get creative guys!

19 August 2014

Fashion and The Global Picture: Where Does Australia Stand?

As my blog name highlights, I love to inject a little bit of luxury into my everyday life, whether that be a new pair of sparkly heels, a Michelin Star Vanilla soy latte or the newest glossy, and yesterday was no exception.

As I sat down, coffee in hand, eager to lust over the newest pretties adorning the pages of Harpers Bazaar Australia, I was happy to find a free little piece of luxury in the form of a new season guide. Score!

Ah… ‘The definitive guide to the new season Autumn/Winter 2014-15’. 

Wait a minute. Isn’t winter just about to be over?

 Harpers Bazaar A/W Runway Report and my new slider sandals: A juxtaposition of luxuries. 
I had a flick through the pages, but instead of being blown away by bikinis and sun dresses, I found myself staring at wollen coats and boots. Erm, what? Sounds a bit strange for a country that’s just entering Spring doesn’t it?

Let me be honest: in the face of fashion as a global picture: it doesn’t. As a nation of fashionistas driven by northern hemisphered-based seasonal trends, the question on everyone’s lips should be: 

Where does Australia stand in the global fashion market?

Lets literally map it out...
Global fashion and its influences are ruled by the 'big 4' fashion weeks, which are, in descending order of size and influence, New York, London, Paris and Milan. Consequently, this see's trends being predominantly ruled by the Northern Hemisphere, leaving Aussie fashionistas baffled by the reverse season problem.

What is the reverse season problem?
Although not officially dictionary defined (I did make it up after all!) the reverse season problem is basically when us ladies see an influx of trend influence aimed at the seasons that are the complete opposite to what we are experiencing. 

The result: We are bombarded with faux fur vests and knitwear in the summer and are forced to stare at saucy swimwear when we are freezing our pants off!

Oh Cara, I do love both you AND Burberry coats, but not when I'm reading this stuck to my office chair with sweat! (Burberry A/W 2014)

But rejoice! We are NOT alone! Hello lovely ladies and gents of South America: You feel our pain (however, I doubt Rio ever reaches the one figure frosties of Melbourne!)

Maybe we could all get together and start a Southern hemisphere fashion revolution, after all, don't we have the chance to wear new season trends before the higher half of the world.

Correct! With New York rolling out the red carpet for Spring and Summer fashion in the September runway shows, surely we are able to rock these trends straight after? Unlike the Northern Hemisphere that has to wait until it's defrosted....

This all depends on Australian fashion retailers : do they choose to take the winter trends and use them as an inspiration for a summer collection or do they keep on the ball and go for 'next years' summer trends?

Unfortunately, they did not attend Hogwarts (to my knowledge) and thus don't possess the extreme magic needed to design and create an entire high street collection in the matter of weeks since they debuted at New York Fashion Week.

 'Aloha-marni!!!' We wish! (

However, YOU can still be a trendsetter. You're blessed with the warm weather, so why not get inspired by the New York collections as soon as they debut: a bit of tweaking to your existing wardrobe and some visits to the thrift shop should do the trick.

What About Sydney Fashion Week?
Although Australian Fashion Week has being criticized for being 'out of sync' with the global fashion network, Australia has some incredible designers- hello... Sass and Bide? Zimmerman? And with incredible designers comes an incredible fashion week. 
Me looking very short at Fashion Week back in April- take me back pleassse!

Fashion week takes place in April each year and showcases collections for the following summer. This gives Australia the basis for being able to have it's own unique runway-inspired trends, of which fashionistas of the country can rock comfortably. No sweating or freezing required!

Inevitably, the lack of influence in the country makes Australia a harder place to fulfill a promising fashion career. I can honestly admit that, as someone that only moved here two years ago from the UK, some people judge the decision this can have on my fashion media career. 
North Queensland: The One Season State
If you're a regular reader, you've probably seen a lot of palm trees in my outfit posts. To be honest, tropical Queensland doesn't see a lot of 'Winter' weather. But where does this put us in the fashion picture?

On the plus side, we can be influenced by the Spring/Summer catwalks all year round, whether it be Sydney's for this summer, or New Yorks for next summer, we have summer trends down to a T.

Tallulah Swimwear S/S2014 (Picture courtesy of

But are we completely missing out on winter trends? False! As I explained earlier, many Aussie high street designers find inspiration in the Northern Hemisphere winter collections and translate these into garments ready to wear on sunny days. 

The result: We are always on trend, but never cold!

Ahhh FNQ (

So I'm going to take that Trend report from Harpers Bazaar and utilize it for inspiration. After all, sunshine makes everything look better!


15 August 2014

One LBD, Five Ways

'One is never overdressed or underdressed in a little black dress', 
Karl Lagerfeld

  It all started when Coco Chanel drew a legendary ink drawing showcased in Vogue in 1926; the little black dress, or LBD, was born. From the monochromatic depression era, to Hepburn's legendary dress in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', I wonder if Coco knew that drawing would change the face of fashion for the next 90 years?

It is one of the only fashion pieces that can be described as timeless. Every woman either has or needs one in her wardrobe. This garment is a piece of magic transcendence that has the power to be suitable for every occasion.

From quirky and colourful, to a classic Hepburn look, here are my five favourite ways to style my LBD (LBD From H & M):

Evidence that an LBD can be worn on warm summer days. I injected some casual appeal with a crochet vest and carried this air of romanticism forward with the hat adorned with a flower crown.

Hat: Sportsgirl
Sandals: Accessorize
Flower Crown: Lovisa
Vest: New Look

The little black dress makes a perfect base layer to add upon on cooler days. I decided to keep it 100% classic by adding a timeless trench coat and a vintage silk scarf. 

Trench: Primark
Scarf: Charity Shop
Bag: HT London
Wedge Heels: Big W

Throw on a patterned crop shirt over your LBD and you have a whole new dress!

Shirt: Asos
Heels: Rubi
Bag: Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

 This is the one evening look that will forever be stylish! Combine your LBD with a classic quilted bag, sparkly necklace and pearl earrings and channel some Audrey.

Bag: Chanel
Necklace and bracelet: Lovisa
Shoes: New Look

For a laid back look, pair with denim, jellies and a colourful backpack. Perfect for all casual occassions!

Bag: Factorie
Denim shirt: Primark
Jelly Sandals: Rubi
Necklaces: Lovisa
Sunglasses: Rubi

 How do you style a LBD?


12 August 2014

The Fashionistas Guide To The Tropics

What is the first word that comes to your head when you see the word tropical?

Beach? Sunshine? Heat?

I would choose paradise. However, I can personally say that living in the Tropics isn't without challenges when it comes to looking good. Unfortunately, monsoon rain does not give you beachy locks and makeup melting becomes an everyday challenge.

Whether your sunning on the Greek Islands, rocking in Rio, chilling right here in North Queensland or at home dreaming of sunnier times, here's my guide to looking good in all areas of tropical terrain.

Hot Stuff
Everyone loves having a bronzed bod, but few of us think of those nasty little rays penetrating our pores and damaging our skin. Let's be honest, the sun can slowly turn us to wrinkly grannies, so it's always important to wear SPF 30.

'That high?!' I hear you ask... 'How on earth am I supposed to tan?'

Having lived in a place that has an actual hole in the O Zone layer for the past two years, I tend to fake it rather than bake it. Believe me ladies, it's worth it in the long run!  My fave bargain tan is Le Tan spray tan- which dries instantly and doesn't give me peeling redness like too much actual sun.

Combine your perfect tan with a tinted face SPF: it's the best of both worlds

I have oily skin, so I tend to set my tinted sunscreen with a mineral powder, veil and then add bronzer for definition. Spray with hairspray to stop it melting in the heat (a neat little trick I learned from 'The Hills'!)

Of course, there's nothing wrong with lying out in the sun every once and a while, vitamin D is good for you after all!

The Rainforest
The forest is all good, but lets not forget that half of this word is literally rain. Rather then mess up your hair and makeup, it's easier to have some rainy-day goodies to throw on top of your outfit.

Gone are the days when raincoats are ugly!

Rejoice! Those wetter days can now be sorted with a cute cover up.


Team this with cute jelly sandals or wellies!



The Beach
Waterproof mascara and bright lip stain are a must for any sea frollicking missy! Bright lip colours are great for adding definition and a touch of glamour to your face when you are au natural on the beach. Make sure you go for a lip stain to avoid the dreaded lippy-melt, no one wants to look like Ronald McDonald!

 (Elle France)

The one piece swimsuit is the new hot thing, so make sure you rock yours on the beach, and bonus: that high SPF will ensure you don't get dodgy tan lines! Here's some of my favourite swimsuits from Miami Swimwear Fashion Week:

As for hair, let the natural sea salt do its work and twirl hair around your fingers whilst air drying for some serious boho babe!

If it's too hot to have long locks sticking to your shoulders, try an effortless looking up do, such as these beauties below:

And if your too busy chilling on the beach to worry about your hair, slap on a floppy felt hat. Bonus points for extra sun protection.

The Reef
You're probably laughing when your reading this: it's impossible to look sexy while snorkelling right? True, but there are a few tips and tricks .


Number one: you are about to fully emerge in water: unless your makeup is completely waterproof, go without! I tend to use waterproof mascara and tinted sunscreen.


A full braid is the perfect way to protect your hair from the elastic on the snorkel, as well as keeping it off your face while your underwater. Plus: as soon as you get out of the water, you're already well on you're way to that tousled beach look.

The reef is also the perfect place to showcase an on-trend scuba-inspired swimsuit. It's made of the same fabric so it'll still keep you warm, alongside looking hot.

Tropical Fashion
Feel the tropics with punchy colours, flowing shapes, foliage prints and layered jewellery.
(Vogue Brazil)