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7 July 2014

Why Are Girls So Darn Mean?

She gave me the dirtiest look as soon as I walked into the party. I don’t know what I’d done to offend her, I’d never met the girl: but with this quick exchange of glances I knew she was one to avoid. Two hours and ten drinks later she stormed up to me, her belt-esque skirt rising, leaving waaay too little for the imagination:

 ‘you have lipstick on your teeth’, she snarled.

‘Erm… thanks?’, I murmured, trying to convince myself that throwing Chardonnay over her would make the situation worst.
Does this kind of story sound familiar? If it doesn’t, your probably a male.

‘I don’t understand why she did that’, my boyfriend would reply whilst I rant on about a certain ‘witch’ in my life; 'I just don’t understand why you girls are so vicious to each other'.

Neither do I.

Is it maybe the millions of hormones wizzing around our bodies that make us want to kill each other at every waking moment? I mean, c’mon ladies: we fought so hard to get the vote and to get a say in the world, but we burn each other for being successful.

Take for example the hundreds of instagram and twitter trollers that vent their anger towards innocent celebrities: I mean, how on earth did Keira Knightly personally offend you? You’ve never met the chick after all…
This cyber-bullying has dangerous consequences. Take, for example, celebrity fashion guru Charlotte Dawson, who, after battling her inner demons alongside the bitches of the net decided to take her own life.

So why is she being a total bi-atch?

The answer: I don’t know. I sure wish I did. I’m dealing with a woman who is making my life absolute hell on earth at the moment and as much as I smile and try to laugh it off: it damn hurts. 

My mum would say: ‘She’s jealous’. And to be honest, even if this isn’t true: it’s the best thought frame to be in to control that certain nasty lady in your life.

If her behavior is uncalled for, the important thing to remember is that you’ve done nothing wrong. Put yourself above her behavior and be the bigger person. 

You are Rihanna and she is Amanda Bynes (if you don’t get this, look below) and Rihanna is damn hot! 

And as Ellen says 'be kind to one another'.




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