25 July 2014

The Look: Circa 1994

1994: You have officially made a huuuge comeback in fashion; you are ruling catwalks, street style and grace every page of fashion magazines and shock, horror, you have influenced my wardrobe! Eeek!

Alongside your cute high necklines and bright jackets, their lies a certain sense of nostalgia, a underlying sense of my childhood and the happy memories I had in the 1990s. 

That was what inspired me with this look. The infamous tattoo choker has made a comeback. I had a choker like this when I was about 9: I wore it for my families Millennium party! Although I may be a whole foot taller now, I still admire the simply beauty of a choker and a denim jacket.

Now for the fun part: I dyed my hair purple!! I remember seeing Christina Aguilara's music video for 'Come On Over' and wanting THIS hair:
Fifteen years later the inner child in me screamed 'why not?' and I set about experimenting with some hair chalk.

 Jumpsuit: New Look
Jacket: Some random boutique in Sydney
Clogs: Big W
Sunnies: Target
Choker: I made it myself!!!

As a self-confessed girly girl, this look is a bucket-load edgier then what I'm used to. As much as I love the purple hair for one day, I don't think I'll be making a permanent transformation anytime soon! It attracted unwanted attention: I even had children in the supermarket looking at it going 'oooooo!'. 

Saying that, I think this homemade choker will become one of my go-to pieces this season when I want to inject a bit of my childhood into my look. In case you're wondering how I did it: I just followed a YouTube tutorial- it's super easy!

What's your favorite 90s- inspired trend?


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  1. So lovely outfit!


  2. hair chalk looks so amazing on you, and I wish I could try it too - sadly my hair is too dark!


    1. Thanks hun- I don't think I'm brave enough to have permanent purple hair though :P xx

  3. You rock this hair color so well, wow! Wish i could use hair chalk but it doesn't show well on brown hair. Adorable ! :)


    1. Thanks Lauren! Yeah I think they should invent one for darker hair :) xxx


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