21 July 2014

Are You A Jopper? (Judgmental Shopper)

Get your hard hats on: this one's a bit controversial....

Personally, I get a little tired of all the style posts that go a little like this:

This goes without saying: those labels all produce AMAZING clothes that I love, but since when has it being a total style sin to list K Mart or Primark as a label that's hanging in your closet. Should we not be buying clothes based on the design, quality and fit, not some name on a tiny bit of fabric sewed to the inside of the garment?

We have all had one of those shopping moments.. 'Oh, I'm not going in (insert cheap shop name) it's so tacky', the culprit says. When, in all reality, the clothes in there are identical to the ones two doors down but with a price tag that does half the damage.

Ladies, I'm talking about the 'jopper'. What on earth is a 'jopper'? I hear you ask. It can be defined as an individual that judges what you wear or where you shop judged on the label on the garment or how much it cost you. 

Don't get me wrong, I would be able to love to afford all my clothes from a higher quality store, but, if fashionistas are defining brands like Mink Pink as cheap, how are the ladies with little money to their names expect to be stylish?

Ah... Finders Keepers, I love you, but I CANNOT afford you at the moment.

Above and right: Valleygirl and Ally: I CAN afford you! Do these clothes not look stylish to you?

My rule is that if it looks expensive: buy it! You would be surprised at the little difference in quality between some high end high street and low end high street stores. 

I guess I myself, like us all, have had jopper moments; when I had more money there would have been times when I wouldn't have even entered stores that I shop in now. 

Popular blogger Viktoriya Sener  mixes cheaper and higher high street pieces to perfection!

I love seeing bloggers that mix in cheaper alternatives, like boohoo and sheinside, which offer quality fashion at more affordable prices. And why not throw in charity shop pieces and even hand me downs- if you love a piece, a label shouldn't matter!

We shouldn't judge the style status of a lady on where she shops, but on how she rocks what she wears!

Preach over.

Are you a jopper: Take the test...


  1. Omg YES! I make sure I have a mixture of high and low end. Not everyone is rich but you can still find great pieces...sometimes even more in the low end! Great post.

    1. Thanks :) I agree, almost everything I post in my blog looks is low end xxx

  2. I literally lol'ed when I read your post. I love it. I am so a jopper (especially when it comes to makeup!). Again, loved it :)

    1. Thanks Jenny :) Expensive makeup is always good xxx

  3. Love the term jopper! I'm always on the lookout for expensive-looking-inexpensive things.

    Anonymous Beauty Blogger

    1. Expensive-looking inexpensive things are THE best :) xx


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