31 July 2014

The Look: Botanical

 Oversize tee dresses are the top of my list when it comes to versatility. They can be dressed down with sunnies and sneakers and dressed up with heels and chunky gold jewellery. This tropical floral print shift fitted perfectly with today's location: the Cairns Botanical Gardens! 

My parents are currently over visiting from the UK and it's great fun showing them all the stunning tropical places that I've started to take for granted! It's made me realize how lucky I am to live in paradise. And its NEVER winter here, so I get to enjoy a constant summer wardrobe :)

Dress: Ally
Clutch: Camilla
Shoes: Rubi

 What's your ultimate versatile item?

Rachel xoxo

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  • 27 July 2014

    20 Ways To Wear Denim

    The internet, the television, the spaceship: I think we can all agree these were among the most influential creations of the 20th century right? But if we had to choose a fashion equivalent of 'the internet' in terms of influencing our everyday lives: it would have to be denim.

    No doubt your parents rocked their 'sexy' flares back in the days of freedom and all that (something we'd prefer not to imagine I assume) and speaking personally, I can't actually remember one single year that I didn't have a good pair of denims hanging in my 'drobe. I also fondly remember a non-school uniform day where me and all my friends made a pact to wear denim dresses. Bet we thought we were the new TLC!

    Safe to say that denim is timeless alongside jean-ius! Sorry. Dad jokes aside..... Here's twenty ways to wear denim and not look boring (as sometimes the preconception is):

    Please note: All pictures below are credited to the original source

    1. Boyfriend Jeans Go Chic
    Throw on a pair of these baggy ripped beauts alongside a pretty top, some sliders and some circle sunnies for a look that echoes an off duty model.
    Model Off Duty
    From my personal Polyvore.

    2. Cute Bohemium Cut-Offs
    Cute cut offs are easy to make from a pair of your old fave jeans. Throw on a bohemium style vest and you'll feel like you're at Coachella.

    3. The Denim Midi Skirt
    The denim midi is the perfect mix of classy and vintage. Wear with brogues or even get your hipster on with socks and sandals.
    4. Romper
    A denim romper is by far the easiest way to pull off this seasons all-denim trend. 

    Elle Italy

    5. Girly vs Tough
    A simple denim jacket can add some edge to a girly printed dress. Whether maxi or mini, a denim jacket it great over ANYTHING.

    6. Coloured Bottoms
    Another not-too daring way to wear all over denim is to wear a classic blue denim shirt on top and coloured jeans on the bottom.

    7. 50 Shades of Denim
    Mix different shades of denim for a head to toe denim look that doesn't look one dimensional.

    Grazia France

    8. Fluffy Textures
    Nothing looks better against the rigid texture of denim than a fluffy knit jumper or vest. Faux fur also has a great effect against denim.

    9. Head To Toe Pastels
    Pastels are the trend that never ends! Pastel jeans are a great investment and ensures an all over pastel attire isn't too sickly sweet.

    10. Leather and Denim
    Nothing is more simple chic than a denim shirt and a faux leather skater skirt.
    11. White Out
    Embrace the all-white trend and mix up your textures by including white denim in your look!

    12. Vintage High Waist
    Love Marilyn Monroe? You can echo her 1950s pin up style in high waisted shorts.

    13. Slim Jeans, Baggy Plaid Shirt
    Although it sounds like you might look like Old Macdonald, this old combination always works a treat.

    14. A Flash of Flesh
    A denim bralette is a great alternative to a crop top- and it goes with everything!

    15. Patchwork Dresses
    Denim dresses with a little hint of print add interest.

    16. The Denim Clutch
    Dressed up denim...erm, what? If you have an occasion dress that you want to dress down a denim clutch is what you need!

    17. All About Shape
    Open denim vests are a great way to soften out angular and structured shaped outfits, giving them a more casual vibe.

    18. Beach Cover Up
    A denim shirt can look cute as a cover up on the beach.
    Elle France
    19. Tie Dye
    Bored of your blue numbers? Throw them in some bleach or dye and try out a more colourful alternative.

    20. Denim Shirt Dress
    A denim shirt dress is the ultimate trans-seasonal garment. Layer up with a trench coat, tights and boots in winter and wear with flatforms and sunnies for the summer months.

    How do you guys style denim?


    25 July 2014

    The Look: Circa 1994

    1994: You have officially made a huuuge comeback in fashion; you are ruling catwalks, street style and grace every page of fashion magazines and shock, horror, you have influenced my wardrobe! Eeek!

    Alongside your cute high necklines and bright jackets, their lies a certain sense of nostalgia, a underlying sense of my childhood and the happy memories I had in the 1990s. 

    That was what inspired me with this look. The infamous tattoo choker has made a comeback. I had a choker like this when I was about 9: I wore it for my families Millennium party! Although I may be a whole foot taller now, I still admire the simply beauty of a choker and a denim jacket.

    Now for the fun part: I dyed my hair purple!! I remember seeing Christina Aguilara's music video for 'Come On Over' and wanting THIS hair:
    Fifteen years later the inner child in me screamed 'why not?' and I set about experimenting with some hair chalk.

     Jumpsuit: New Look
    Jacket: Some random boutique in Sydney
    Clogs: Big W
    Sunnies: Target
    Choker: I made it myself!!!

    As a self-confessed girly girl, this look is a bucket-load edgier then what I'm used to. As much as I love the purple hair for one day, I don't think I'll be making a permanent transformation anytime soon! It attracted unwanted attention: I even had children in the supermarket looking at it going 'oooooo!'. 

    Saying that, I think this homemade choker will become one of my go-to pieces this season when I want to inject a bit of my childhood into my look. In case you're wondering how I did it: I just followed a YouTube tutorial- it's super easy!

    What's your favorite 90s- inspired trend?


    P.s. Fancy more fashion? Check out the best links from International Fashion Bloggers:

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    21 July 2014

    Are You A Jopper? (Judgmental Shopper)

    Get your hard hats on: this one's a bit controversial....

    Personally, I get a little tired of all the style posts that go a little like this:

    This goes without saying: those labels all produce AMAZING clothes that I love, but since when has it being a total style sin to list K Mart or Primark as a label that's hanging in your closet. Should we not be buying clothes based on the design, quality and fit, not some name on a tiny bit of fabric sewed to the inside of the garment?

    We have all had one of those shopping moments.. 'Oh, I'm not going in (insert cheap shop name) it's so tacky', the culprit says. When, in all reality, the clothes in there are identical to the ones two doors down but with a price tag that does half the damage.

    Ladies, I'm talking about the 'jopper'. What on earth is a 'jopper'? I hear you ask. It can be defined as an individual that judges what you wear or where you shop judged on the label on the garment or how much it cost you. 

    Don't get me wrong, I would be able to love to afford all my clothes from a higher quality store, but, if fashionistas are defining brands like Mink Pink as cheap, how are the ladies with little money to their names expect to be stylish?

    Ah... Finders Keepers, I love you, but I CANNOT afford you at the moment.

    Above and right: Valleygirl and Ally: I CAN afford you! Do these clothes not look stylish to you?

    My rule is that if it looks expensive: buy it! You would be surprised at the little difference in quality between some high end high street and low end high street stores. 

    I guess I myself, like us all, have had jopper moments; when I had more money there would have been times when I wouldn't have even entered stores that I shop in now. 

    Popular blogger Viktoriya Sener  mixes cheaper and higher high street pieces to perfection!

    I love seeing bloggers that mix in cheaper alternatives, like boohoo and sheinside, which offer quality fashion at more affordable prices. And why not throw in charity shop pieces and even hand me downs- if you love a piece, a label shouldn't matter!

    We shouldn't judge the style status of a lady on where she shops, but on how she rocks what she wears!

    Preach over.

    Are you a jopper: Take the test...