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8 June 2014

The Look: Unwedding Dress

Back in the day (as your gran would say) white dresses were reserved for walking down the aisle on your big day. Skip forward a few generations and white dresses have become a hot trend to be worn casually during the day or spruced up at night.

But can an actual wedding dress be made versatile?

I put this question to the test.

A local wedding dress rental boutique was having a closing down sale and liquidizing stunning gowns for $5 and $10! Amazed by the quality and excited by the prospect of customizing, I snapped up two dresses and put my scissors to work.

Here's one of the dresses before (was $10!!):

The Finished Product
I cut the dress into an asymmetric hemline, with a longer back and a shorter, square shaped front. Safe to say I'll be wearing this baby on numerous occasions...

Look One: Cute and Casual
 Denim is perfect for dressing down a more formal dress. Combine this with a fedora, sunnies and clogs and I'm all set for a day out! I turned a daisy flower crown into a belt, which keeps the look girly but still gives it a more casual appeal.

Look 2: For a Night Out

Gold jewellery is a perfect option for looking dressy but not wedding-y. I love this Lovisa arm cuff- it's so quirky! Heeled wedge boots also give the look an edgier, punkier feel.

Look Three: For The Office
A wedding dress for work? Seems like a joke right?! I layered the dress over a classic black shirt, added the classic Chanel bag and black heels- hello office!

Which look is your fave?



  1. This is no joke the most unique idea I've ever come across on the internet - seriously! Well done, they all look great and I love that you incorporated an office look as well haha! :-) Such a bargain for $10 too..


    1. Wow thanks :) I like to be a little bit different and random! :P xx

  2. This is super fun!!! Wish I was as crafty as you! I always admire people that can think of such cool stuff like this.


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