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19 June 2014

The Look: Mix And Match

Whoever said that two prints couldn't be mixed together in one outfit obviously wasn't mixing the right prints.

Clashing and coordinating prints have been ruling the world runways for the past few seasons and with summer just around the corner for the Northern Hemispher-ers (luckily, here in tropical Australia it's always summer), what better way to mix up your wardrobe?

Here's my rules on how to mix and match prints to perfection.

The Random Clash
This look is all about taking two of your favorite prints and rocking them together in one look!
The important thing to remember is to use two prints that have the same undertones. 

If you take a look at my outfit, the stripe print and the floral both have a white undertone. Try not to mix patterns with white and grey bases- it looks odd!
Small floral prints are the most versatile when it comes to mixing. If you want to mix two floral prints, ensure they have at least one common colour. You can then highlight this colour with accessories and shoes.

 When randomly clashing prints keep your accessories neutral. Brown wedges and simple, gold jewellery stop the outfit from looking messy.

Top: Asos
Skirt: Cotton On
Wedges: Big W
Jewellery: Lovisa

Do you know when you right click a photo and it comes up as a negative? Surprisingly, these two images work well to compliment each other. Let me talk you through mixing inverting prints...

My outfit has a simple colour palette of yellow, black and white. The skirt is actually an inversion of the print on the top, i.e. it has a white base instead of black and the flowers are mainly yellow as opposed to white. Inverted prints are the perfect compliment to each other, especially if the prints share a similar theme, like my daisy-covered get up.

Once again, neutral brown accessories break up the patterns and make it seem more cohesive.
With inversion of prints, it's all about ratio. Note how my look is 60% white floral print and 40% black floral. Avoid a 50:50 ratio, it looks very block-like. Crop tops and high waisted garments avoid this block-like dilemma.

Dress (worn as top): Cotton On
Skirt: Cut from an old smock dress from a Grecian market (See tutorial)
Bag: New Look
Shoes: As Before
Sunglasses: Rubi

Black and white prints are the easiest to co-ordinate, due to the limited colour palette.
 Saying this, it is better to mix a larger print with a smaller one- also, note how the colours on my top and shorts are inverted.

Feel free to bring in grey-scale items too, like the flocked grey jumper I tied around my waist- this look is all about experimenting!
Make sure to have at least one item that is block colour, like my floppy hat and shoes. This highlights the prints and ensures the look doesn't seem clash-y.

  Tank: Cameo The Label
Jumper (around waist): Valleygirl
Shorts: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi
Hat: Sportsgirl

Which look is your fave? How do you guys wear prints?

Rachel xoxo

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  1. You're really good at mixing prints!

  2. Love these looks but the mixed print with sunflowers has to be my favorite. So simple and cute and love the pop of color!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    1. Thanks Sarah :) Yeah I like that one too xxx


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