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27 June 2014

The Look: Layering

Today's look was all about the jewellery....
 I adore layering necklaces! And if you do it well, it sort of looks like your wearing one huge couture statement piece.
 When I'm layering necklaces, I tend to keep the rest of the outfit quite simple. This neutral grey Tommy Hilfiger dress makes a great base to add colour to with statement necklaces.Sticking to a handful of colours is always safe and doesn't look too overdone. I always ensure I bring out one of these colours in my footwear too!
 These pictures were taken today at Kewarra Beach in Far North Queensland, Australia. It's easy to forget sometimes that you literally live in paradise! The pictures were taken by my boyfriend- bless him!

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Necklaces (3): Lovisa
Wedges: Factorie
Sunglasses: Rubi

Here's my guide for layering necklaces:
  • Stick to the same shapes. Mixing triangular shapes, for example, makes it look like one piece.
  • Mix different lengths. 
  • Ensure that pieces have the same tightness around the neck. You want it to look that all the necklaces start in the same place.
  • Mix up your colours. Contrasting colours such as purple and yellow look amazing!
  • If you are mixing metals, don't bring in colours too.

Tribal Layering
Happy layering!



  1. That necklace look amazing!!! Your tips are so fantastic. Love this look!

  2. Such a pretty dress, looks great on you. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. Hello dear! First of all thanks for visiting my blog.
    Wonderful pictures you've got here. I've been addicted to necklaces and rings lately. Yesterday I found a new store and got CRAZY about all of their necklaces. haha I usually wear simple pieces because I'm afraid of not wearing it all correctly. I like combining simple necklaces, though.

    Great post and beautiful place. Have a great Sunday. :D

    1. Hi :) Thanks so much I love the place it's my favorite beach! And your welcome, looking forward to seeing more of your posts! xx


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