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30 June 2014

Are 'The Spice Girls' Still In Our Wardrobes?

Although I may never have known what a 'zig-a-aig-ahh' is at the time (well, hey: I was five), the Spice Girls had a huge impact on me growing up. I remember dancing around with pigtails screaming 'say you'll be there' around my garden with my sister. At the time, I was sure that the neighbors thought I sounded exactly like Baby Spice! On the other hand, my big sis always dreamed of being sporty and I'm sure my parents were understandably scared when she begged for a nose piercing.

But wasn't that the best thing about the Spice Girls? They were relatable to ALL girls... And, although obviously I didn't know it during their reign, they had a huge cultural and political impact during the 1990s 'Cool Britannia' arts movement, which saw London as the empitomisation of everything cool.

If you've watched 'Spiceworld', you'll probably remember Ginger chanting that women were 'strength and power in a wonderbra'. And if you haven't, erm, what? I think this summed up the importance of the band as role models to young women: they taught us that we could be beautiful and powerful... And these are still views that I hold close to me today, especially as a fashion blogger.

From baby spice's pigtails to Scary's leopard prints, it's safe to say they were the optimization of nineties fashion. 

But with the return of nineties trend is it fair to say that they remain viva forever in our wardrobes?

I THINK SO! Woohoo- Another excuse to watch Spice World- it's fashion education darling...
Here's how our five fave ladies have influenced our wardrobes almost two decades down the road...

Baby Spice

Ok, so maybe we won't be rocking red platform trainers anytime soon, but these black ones are a smart, but chic alternative. On the other hand, these mini dresses are EVERWHERE right now, I swear I have a black one just like the one's Baby and Ginger are wearing below...

Scary Spice
Leopard print is back for good and have did not see that check crop top on the high street last week?

Sporty Spice
Erm, can anyone say sports luxe? Sporty Spice was the queen of sporty chic, so get your trakkies on! Just don't wear too much Adidas or everyone will think your running a marathon or something. 

Ginger Spice
If your going to take inspiration from Miss Halliwell, make sure you give your look a classy update. Swap her PVC separates for cute faux leather for a nineties look that still leaves a little to the imagination. Pair with Union Jack accessories and show some British pride!
Ginger Spice Style
Religion Clothing british flag shirt, 115 AUD / AX Paris top, 27 AUD / Scoop black shorts, 190 AUD / Brown handbag, 21 AUD

Posh Spice
Since the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has become a style queen in her own right. But before her designer days, the future Mrs Beckham rocked sexy slip dresses and of course the LBD.
Posh Spice Style
Topshop black dress, 81 AUD / Mini dress, 25 AUD / Topshop black tunic, 25 AUD / Quiz black shoes, 63 AUD

So if you love the nineties trend, take inspiration from the mothers of girl power, turn up 'Say You'll Be There' and you'll be a more fashionable version of your five year old self.

Rachel xoxo


  1. Such a cool post! Love all these 90s trends, and I always loved Baby most too! xx

    1. Thanks Robin :) And Baby will always be the best haha xxx

  2. omg love this post! I was such a huge Spice Girls fan when I was like 6-11 if I'm honest haha. Still am. I mean, if you don't know the lyrics to "Spice Up Your Life" and "Wannabe" then I want nothing to do with you (kidding - kind of). And not that it would fly now, but you know we all loved "2 Become 1" without realizing what the hell it was actually talking about. And yes, they absolutely influenced my fashion haha. Not always a good thing.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who still listens to the music :P Haha the lyrics to '2 Become 1' are so sexual I cringe at the thought of my six year old self singing them! xxxx

  3. This is an awesome post. I was always made to be Ginger Spice when I was little because I'm a redhead, and I can for sure get behind that AX Paris top. Love it!


    1. Thanks Rebecca! Ginger was awesome- was never the same when she left.... xx


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