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13 June 2014

5 DIY Wardrobe Updates Using Scissors

Before you throw out your pre-loved pieces, try one of these DIY clothing makeovers. All you need is a pair of scissors!

1. Take…. A dress that has a longer lining than top layer

This ones for the ladies who can’t use a washing machine properly (guilty as charged!) Washing at too high a temperature can cause shrinkage, and there’s nothing worse then when the top layer of a dress shrinks to be smaller than the lining. But don’t throw it away just yet…

(Sorry- I didn't take before photos so bare with the random diagrams)
Make… A skater skirt and a crop top

Cut the top part of the dress off and make a crop top. If it has an elasticized waist, cut just below this to ensure the top stays fitted.

Then take the lining from the bottom half of the dress and sew into a skater skirt. Simply hem the top around some thick elastic and voila!

2. Take… A baggy elasticated strapless top

You know your old fave strapless number? The one you’ve worn so many times that the elastic is so loose 
that it falls down? Put some scissors to it, no one wants to see your nipples!

Make….A skater skirt

Cut above one of the lower lines of elastic for an instant skater skirt. Ta da!

3. Take…. An unflattering elasticated smock dress

 Remember when these babies were stylish? I prefer not too...

Make…. Cute Co-Ords

Cut above the penultimate elasticated line so that your skirt is elasticated, but your crop top still has some structure. 

4. Take… A dowdy overly full maxi dress

A few years ago, really full maxi dresses were all the rage. This season, it’s all about the sexy maxi, so grab those scissors!

Make… A sexy split maxi dress
Cut a slit on one side to show some leg!

5. Take… Your boyfriends old tshirt

Just make sure he doesn’t want it first! 

Make…. A fringed tank top
For a full tutorial on how to do this, click here.

Thank you scissors for the new wardrobe!


  1. I love the one with the elasticated smocking. I have tons of those. Looks like I'm going to be showing a lot of midriff now :-p


    1. Thanks Roxanne! Haha I have loads of them too now I have loads of crops :) xx


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