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1 June 2014

Vintage? Really? Your Guide To Getting The Real Deal...

Vintage; defined in the fashion world as "clothing between 20 and 100 years old which is clearly representitive of the era in which it was produced. Vintage clothing can be used, new, manufactured, and handmade."

Pretty simple right? WRONG!

After ordering a 'Vintage' skirt off Ebay for a bargainous price of £1, I thought I'd hit the fashion jackpot. Only to find when it arrived, much to my dismay, I discovered a Primark label.

Primark= Vintage? An unlikely equation I think.

Now don't get my wrong, I love Primark and I am most certainly not a label snob, but what I love about Vintage is the fact that a piece has a story behind it. It crossed my mind at this point just how annoyed I would have been had I spent a large amount of money on this piece, and just how many Vintage buyers are falling for the exact same tricks?

Vintage Vs Vintage Style
Many sellers on websites such as Ebay rack up big sales for their 'Vintage items' by simply labelling it Vintage, whereas the item is merely Vintage style. This means that the item is relatively new, yet its appearance, silhouette, fabrics, etc are based on a Vintage style, or perhaps even copying a dress from another era.

 A 1950s Vintage Lace Dress

A Vintage look lace dress from ASOS

So how can you tell the difference?

Tips and Tricks 
Buy from a trustworthy place:
  • Avoid, Ebay. Go to Vintage fair
  • Check out your local Vintage shops, its likely the owner will know their Vintage! 
  • As far as online is concerned, try Etsy. ASOS Marketplace is good too, but only if you know Vintage well.
  • Older relatives! You know its Vintage if your Nan used to wear it when she was your age!

Know your Vintage:
  •  They're are loads of great books out there try 'Vintage Fashion: A Guidebook' or 'Shopping For Vintage.'
  • Visit some Vintage fashion museums.
  • Look at the label- Was Sportsgirl really around in the 1950s?
  • Check out some vintage magazines- these make really cool collectors items too!

Check the Condition:
  •  Check for any small holes, this could be a sign of moths.
  • Check under the arms for any staining.
  • If you wish to have an item cleaned, seek out a specialist dry cleaner (ones that deal in wedding dresses are great!)
  • Don't worry if it's a bit big- oversized is always in fashion and it's crazy the difference a few stitches can make.

My Vintage secret:
 - In Australia, I thought that only cosmopolitan- hipster cities were awesome enough to provide an array of Vintage shops. Note: If you live in Sydney Eveleigh is an absolute vintage haven. However, last week I discovered a few gorgeous vintage shops up in the tiny village of Yungaburra in the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland.

Who thought a villiage could be so chic?



  1. Great tips! It's so hard shopping vintage.

    1. Agreed! Glad you found this useful :) x

  2. This is great i neva know if something is actually vintage or not xxx

  3. I tend to go for the 1950s era, so vintage is pretty easy to suss out in terms of its style. I also know certain labels that I love that are vintage and I aim for those...

  4. Loved this. It's sad that other seek to trick others when all we want is reat finds! haha great post. I learned a lot. Really just taught me to be more aware.


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