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20 May 2014

Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

I was never the sporty kid at school. In fact, when it came to picking teams in P.E class there was always three kids left: the kid with asthma, the fat kid...and me. So it surprised me when I found myself indulging in this seasons 'Sport Luxe' trend.

The perfect combination of tailoring and relaxation, the look exploded onto the catwalk at the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter shows and can now be seen on a style blogger/ fashionista/ girl next to you in the supermarket queue.

On The Runway
marni sports luxe 2014

Marni (Photo Source:


The great thing about this trend is that its suuuper easy to wear. I recommend mixing fashionable staples with sports wear for a sporty look that doesn't look like you've got lost on your way to the gym.

topshop for adidas originals

(Photo Source:

The high street have got this idea down to a tee (literally), with Adidas collaborating with Topshop to create trendy, sporty pieces.

Topshop injected some luxe into the line, using dressy materials whilst sticking to classic Adidas shapes. How British!
Those with more money (jealous!) can look to the Adidas by Stella McCartney range for their fix of the trend. These designer pieces are practical too! Fancy a run in Stella McCartney shorts anyone?

The Wish List
Looking for some trend-spiration? Here's my ultimate picks for this trend:

My Wardrobe
 For the looks from my wardrobe, I simply mixed gym wear with casual clothes. Some items that looks cool and quirky with gym wear include crop tops and leather. Go for textures! The more the better: who says you can't wear tie dyed lace with trainers?

This is making me want to go for a run... catch you later!



  1. Nice post, beautiful pics. Your wardrobe is so sporty chic


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