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16 May 2014

The Top 5 Most Bizarrelly- Awesome Runway Shows

Fashion week is like a battlefield.

Who gets the newest 'it' supermodel?
Who has the hottest A-listers on the front row?
Who has the most influential collection?

But in the past few years, designers have taken this battle to a whole new level. Gone are the days of simply strutting down a straight line in gorgeous couture: we are in the age of the spectacle.

Fashion weeks all over the world have seen some truly avant-garde, bizarre, and truly awesome creations- and we're not just talking about the clothes here! Scroll down for the 5 most awesome show sets of 2014:

5. Marc Jacobs A/W 14
The first of Marc Jacobs show since he resigned at Louis Vuitton did not disappoint! Dreamy clouds hung from the ceiling acting as the backdrop to his ever-dreamy designs.

marc jacobs 2015 runway clouds

(Photo Source:

4. Alice McCall S/S 14/15
Alice McCall's latest show took the rustic, art-gallery setting of the Sydney Carriageworks and used this as inspiration for the theme of her show. The large avant-garde sculpture in the centre of the runway beautifully echoed the soft, pastel creations in the collection.

alice mccall 2015 snow

(Photo Source:

The real show stopping moment came in the finale, when snow started falling: magical!

3.  Philipp Plein A/W 14
Phillip Pleins Milan show was literally a how-to guide on runway spectacle. Watch and learn:

1- Get the hottest pop sensation to open the show whilst rocking your clothes...
Rita Ora: Check
(Photo Source:

2- Get one of the most iconic supermodels to open and close your show...

naomi cambell milan fashion week phillip plein

(Photo Source:

Naomi Campbell: Does it get more iconic?

3- Have a crazy set
Real car and petrol pump- check! Extra points for the road dividers on the catwalk and the speeding road visual in the background.

4- Finish big!

naomi cambell milan fashion week phillip plein
(Photo Source:

And literally set everything on fire!

2- Chanel: A/W 2014

For Chanel's most recent ready to wear show Mr Lagerfeld reconstructed an entire supermarket for his creations to prance through.


Cara D and Rihanna in a trolley: Does it get any cooler?

chanel supermarket runway show

Look closely: Even all the products are specially designed by Chanel! They were auctioned off after the show and all proceeds went to charity- see fashion can be charitable!

(Photos from

1. Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 14
Although the set for this show was very simple, it was the theme that made it the most entertaining spectacle. Gaultier blurred the lines between reality television and fashion by presenting a 'Strictly Come Dancing' style panel of judges, who voiced their opinions via signs as models strutted down the runway.

Oh, did I mention the signs were in all sorts of languages?


(Photo Source:

The extra wow factor was added by segments of dance. Hats off to queen of androgyny Coco Rocha- she rocked the Danny Zucko look!

karlie kloss dance jean paul gaultier

(Photo Source:
Legs for miles: Karlie Kloss makes a cameo as a go-go dancer.

This shows awesome- I really think you should watch it...

Rachel xoxo

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