Instahot? Instanot? Instawhaaat? Supermodel Selfies

Supermodels all look bangin in the campaigns and on the magazine covers, but what about on their own iphone snaps? I did a bit of stalking and found pictures that were hot, not or just, erm, what?
Barbara Palvin looks naturally beautiful in a floral hairband.

The verdict: Instahot
 Miranda Kerr is fast being known for her man-eating ways. Looks like our ex fave girl next door is keeping up to her new rep!

The verdict: Instanot

 Cara Delevigne strikes a crazy pose in between her fave Disney villians, on someones legs!

The verdict: Instawhaaat?

 Jourdan Dunn looking fresh and fab in a Calvin Klein bra.

The verdict: Instahot

Tyra Banks superimposes her face into the Mona Lisa, erm- not sure that Leonardo would approve...

The verdict: instawhaaat?

Candice Swanepoel and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may be from totally different continents, but they look like the hottest set of twins, EVER!

The verdict: Instahot

Bambi looks like she's about to chunder on this poor guy...

The verdict: Instanot

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