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18 May 2014

A Whole Outfit For Twenty Dollars?!

Challenge accepted!

So yesterday I put the theory 'expense= style' to the real test. I had one twenty dollar note and one shopping centre and attempted to put together a chic, yet cheap outfit.

The rules:
- Spend only one $20 note. For my international readers that's a mere GDP £11.13, US $18.72 , CAN $20, Euro €13.67.
- Put together an entire outfit.
- Make it look as stylish as possible.
- Only use one shopping centre.
- Don't let it look 'cheap'.

So I thought whilst I had most of my twenty dollar allowance I would look for the main bulk of the outfit: the clothing. This would give me something to work around when it came to shoes and accessories.

I popped into Ice Design and this cute cage neck white number caught my attention:

Looked a the price tag: woohoo- $12 dollars. Cha-ching!

Right, so only $8 left- how was I meant to find shoes for eight dollars?! Rookie mistake: should have bought the shoes first! So I headed to Target hoping to find some bargains and ended up bagging this cute jewelled cuff for just 3 bucks!!

$3 and is a total ringer for the ones at Swarovski S/S14!!

Woops- only five dollars left and still no shoes..... Searched all over the shopping centre and couldn't find anything for under ten dollars- apart from thongs, but I didn't fancy 'bogan chic'! Eventually I headed back to Target realizing I hadn't even looked at shoes whilst I was in there and found these on trend espadrilles for just $5:

I have to admit: these shoes are really comfy for $5- that's just the price of a small latte ladies!

Total spent= $20

And altogether, it looks like this:

Personally I love it and I hope it doesn't look like it cost $20 altogether.

What do you guys think: Cheap or chic?

Comment with a link to what bargains you find and join in the $20 challenge!

Rachel xoxo

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  1. Simple and Chic . It's very summerish . I love it
    I'll try this challenge here in Senegal .
    I'll name my article « How to look fabolous with 10.000 fr » and i'll let you know


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