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29 May 2014

The Look: Textured Nudes

Sequin Top: Primark
Knit: Valleygirl
Lace Shorts: Topshop
 Floral Bag: Primark
Bracelet: Pandora
Hair Cuff: Lovisa
I cannot remember where I got these boots but I love 'em!

Sometimes less is more and this is what I had in mind whilst styling today's look. Instead of colour, I decided to play up the textures by mixing knit, sequins, lace and suede. Monotone looks are huge this season and having a one tone colour palette means that the textures get to do the talking! 

 My makeup is inspired by the lovely Tanya Burr's Lana Del Rey tutorial and I achieved the messy pony through a bit of backcombing and loose tonged curls. I love to mix overdone makeup with underdone hair- it always works!

25 May 2014

The Most Beautiful Women In History And What They Teach Us About Style

Fashion has no exact origin: it comes from a conglomeration of different ideas, old and new, from style icons throughout time. From the stunning Cleopatra's winged eyes back in 56BC to that dress Marilyn Monroe wore in 'The Seven Year Itch', lets take a look at the most beautiful women throughout time and steal their style tips. 

Helen Of Sparta/ Troy (450 BC)

helen of troy most beautiful woman history

Most commonly referred to as 'the face that launched a thousand ships', Helen of Sparta (later Troy) and her abduction by Trojan Prince Paris sparked the Trojan war. She is known as the most beautiful woman in Greek Mythology and captivated both Roman and Greek men alike. She is most famously portrayed in modern culture by Diane Kruger in the blockbuster 'Troy'.

What she teaches us about style: Beautiful jewelry can make an outfit. How cute are Helen's golden hairbands? Rock these on a night out along with matching chunky gold accessories. 

Anastasia Romanov (1901-18) 
anastasia romanov most beautiful women in history

Grand Duchess Anastasia was the youngest daughter of the last sovereign of imperial Russia, Tsar Nicholas II. The question of whether she escaped her families extrajudicial killing is one of the most circulated in the early twentieth century. This lead to around ten young women claiming to be the Russian Princess, but DNA tests with descendant Phillip, Duke of York denied these claims. Like me, you are probably familiar with the 1997 Disney film about her life. 

What she teaches us about style: Anastasia shows that pearls are timelessly beautiful. Rock yours with feminine, draped white shirt and look like a Russian Princess!
Anastasia Romanov Inspired

Sacajawea (1778-1812)
Sacajawea portrayed in night of the museum

Often referred to as the most beautiful woman in history, this Native American woman transcended boundaries of colonial racism when she assisted the Lewis and Clark expedition, acting as their interpreter and guide during their discovery of the Western side of the United States. She is a well known part of American history, with her bravery used as an example for the National Woman's Suffrage Association and her face appearing on dollar coins.

What she teaches us about style: Fringing and braids will be forever fashionable. Fringed clothing complimented by tribal jewelry always looks classy and casual.

Sacagawea Style
Marie Antionette (1755-93)
most beautiful women in history marie antionette

One of the most scandalous beauties in French history, the Queen of France and Neverre was known for being promiscuous and harboring sympathies from foreign enemies due to her Austrian birth.  Most famously, she was accused of defrauding the French Crown Jewellers of the price of a very expensive diamond necklace. Although found innocent, this reputation lead to her being blamed for France's financial crisis and she was sentenced to execution as a result.

What she teaches us about style: It's all about feminine detailing! Pastels, lace and Tulle are feminine and seductive in equal parts. I bet she would have loved Zac Posen, had she been alive now of course!
Marie Antoinette Style

Cleopatra (69 BC)
cleopatra most beautiful women in history

Cleopatra was the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She liased with Julius Caeser, also her lover. who strengthened her position on the throne. She then bore children to second lover Marc Antony, which has sparked love stories in modern culture including William Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra' and more contemporary Hollywood Movies. Her conquests of the worlds most powerful men show her to be sexy and strong in equal part. 

What she teaches us about style: I think it's safe to say that Cleopatra was the inventor of the winged eye! Add this to heavy jewelry and it's safe to say that she's still a huge influence on modern style!
Cleopatra Style

Anne Boleyn (1501-36)
anne boleyn tudor portrait

The second wife of Henry the Eighth's beauty stole him away from his first wife. She refused to be the King's mistress like her sister Anne and instead Henry's desire for her lead him to change the reigning religion of Catholicism to Church of England in order to annul his first marriage. She was found guilty of adultery, witchery and treason and was beheaded.

What she teaches us about style: Baroque chic is hot! Think golden prints, structured pieces and muted tones.
Anne Boleyn Style
Marilyn Monroe (1926-62)
marilyn monroe most beautiful woman ever

 THE sex symbol of the 20th century, Miss Monroe starred in major motion pictures throughout the 50s and 60s. Her exquisite looks lead to three marriages and several alleged affairs, including President Kennedy: Happy birthdaaayyyyy Mr President...

What she teaches us about style: Red lipstick looks fab on blondes, hour glass figures are hot and high waists are sexy.

Marilyn Monroe Style

Jacqueline Kennedy (1929-94)
jackie kennedy style

 Without a doubt, Jackie Kennedy is the most stylish first lady. Ever. She was the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John F Kennedy and stuck by him until his assassination in 1963.

What she teaches us about style: How to wear a suit with elegance, yet style and how to rock any hat possible. 
Jacqueline Kennedy Style

Rachel xoxo

22 May 2014

The Look: Daisy Duke

Shirt: Valley Girl
Necklace: Target
Shorts: Ice
Jelly Heels: Rubi Shoes
Bag: Chanel

This shirt is my new favourite colour... Not really sure what colour it is, I guess if duck egg blue and lilac had a baby it would be this colour! I went all out girly and teamed the chiffon shirt with high-waisted daisy print shorts and a pale blue necklace. I love to juxtapose girly with punky- and I did this with the jelly heels. Then I added a classic Chanel quilted black handbag- cos they go with everything, ya know!

P.S- How cool are the pelicans?

Rachel xoxo

20 May 2014

Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

I was never the sporty kid at school. In fact, when it came to picking teams in P.E class there was always three kids left: the kid with asthma, the fat kid...and me. So it surprised me when I found myself indulging in this seasons 'Sport Luxe' trend.

The perfect combination of tailoring and relaxation, the look exploded onto the catwalk at the Spring Summer and Autumn Winter shows and can now be seen on a style blogger/ fashionista/ girl next to you in the supermarket queue.

On The Runway
marni sports luxe 2014

Marni (Photo Source:


The great thing about this trend is that its suuuper easy to wear. I recommend mixing fashionable staples with sports wear for a sporty look that doesn't look like you've got lost on your way to the gym.

topshop for adidas originals

(Photo Source:

The high street have got this idea down to a tee (literally), with Adidas collaborating with Topshop to create trendy, sporty pieces.

Topshop injected some luxe into the line, using dressy materials whilst sticking to classic Adidas shapes. How British!
Those with more money (jealous!) can look to the Adidas by Stella McCartney range for their fix of the trend. These designer pieces are practical too! Fancy a run in Stella McCartney shorts anyone?

The Wish List
Looking for some trend-spiration? Here's my ultimate picks for this trend:

My Wardrobe
 For the looks from my wardrobe, I simply mixed gym wear with casual clothes. Some items that looks cool and quirky with gym wear include crop tops and leather. Go for textures! The more the better: who says you can't wear tie dyed lace with trainers?

This is making me want to go for a run... catch you later!


18 May 2014

A Whole Outfit For Twenty Dollars?!

Challenge accepted!

So yesterday I put the theory 'expense= style' to the real test. I had one twenty dollar note and one shopping centre and attempted to put together a chic, yet cheap outfit.

The rules:
- Spend only one $20 note. For my international readers that's a mere GDP £11.13, US $18.72 , CAN $20, Euro €13.67.
- Put together an entire outfit.
- Make it look as stylish as possible.
- Only use one shopping centre.
- Don't let it look 'cheap'.

So I thought whilst I had most of my twenty dollar allowance I would look for the main bulk of the outfit: the clothing. This would give me something to work around when it came to shoes and accessories.

I popped into Ice Design and this cute cage neck white number caught my attention:

Looked a the price tag: woohoo- $12 dollars. Cha-ching!

Right, so only $8 left- how was I meant to find shoes for eight dollars?! Rookie mistake: should have bought the shoes first! So I headed to Target hoping to find some bargains and ended up bagging this cute jewelled cuff for just 3 bucks!!

$3 and is a total ringer for the ones at Swarovski S/S14!!

Woops- only five dollars left and still no shoes..... Searched all over the shopping centre and couldn't find anything for under ten dollars- apart from thongs, but I didn't fancy 'bogan chic'! Eventually I headed back to Target realizing I hadn't even looked at shoes whilst I was in there and found these on trend espadrilles for just $5:

I have to admit: these shoes are really comfy for $5- that's just the price of a small latte ladies!

Total spent= $20

And altogether, it looks like this:

Personally I love it and I hope it doesn't look like it cost $20 altogether.

What do you guys think: Cheap or chic?

Comment with a link to what bargains you find and join in the $20 challenge!

Rachel xoxo
16 May 2014

The Top 5 Most Bizarrelly- Awesome Runway Shows

Fashion week is like a battlefield.

Who gets the newest 'it' supermodel?
Who has the hottest A-listers on the front row?
Who has the most influential collection?

But in the past few years, designers have taken this battle to a whole new level. Gone are the days of simply strutting down a straight line in gorgeous couture: we are in the age of the spectacle.

Fashion weeks all over the world have seen some truly avant-garde, bizarre, and truly awesome creations- and we're not just talking about the clothes here! Scroll down for the 5 most awesome show sets of 2014:

5. Marc Jacobs A/W 14
The first of Marc Jacobs show since he resigned at Louis Vuitton did not disappoint! Dreamy clouds hung from the ceiling acting as the backdrop to his ever-dreamy designs.

marc jacobs 2015 runway clouds

(Photo Source:

4. Alice McCall S/S 14/15
Alice McCall's latest show took the rustic, art-gallery setting of the Sydney Carriageworks and used this as inspiration for the theme of her show. The large avant-garde sculpture in the centre of the runway beautifully echoed the soft, pastel creations in the collection.

alice mccall 2015 snow

(Photo Source:

The real show stopping moment came in the finale, when snow started falling: magical!

3.  Philipp Plein A/W 14
Phillip Pleins Milan show was literally a how-to guide on runway spectacle. Watch and learn:

1- Get the hottest pop sensation to open the show whilst rocking your clothes...
Rita Ora: Check
(Photo Source:

2- Get one of the most iconic supermodels to open and close your show...

naomi cambell milan fashion week phillip plein

(Photo Source:

Naomi Campbell: Does it get more iconic?

3- Have a crazy set
Real car and petrol pump- check! Extra points for the road dividers on the catwalk and the speeding road visual in the background.

4- Finish big!

naomi cambell milan fashion week phillip plein
(Photo Source:

And literally set everything on fire!

2- Chanel: A/W 2014

For Chanel's most recent ready to wear show Mr Lagerfeld reconstructed an entire supermarket for his creations to prance through.


Cara D and Rihanna in a trolley: Does it get any cooler?

chanel supermarket runway show

Look closely: Even all the products are specially designed by Chanel! They were auctioned off after the show and all proceeds went to charity- see fashion can be charitable!

(Photos from

1. Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 14
Although the set for this show was very simple, it was the theme that made it the most entertaining spectacle. Gaultier blurred the lines between reality television and fashion by presenting a 'Strictly Come Dancing' style panel of judges, who voiced their opinions via signs as models strutted down the runway.

Oh, did I mention the signs were in all sorts of languages?


(Photo Source:

The extra wow factor was added by segments of dance. Hats off to queen of androgyny Coco Rocha- she rocked the Danny Zucko look!

karlie kloss dance jean paul gaultier

(Photo Source:
Legs for miles: Karlie Kloss makes a cameo as a go-go dancer.

This shows awesome- I really think you should watch it...

Rachel xoxo

13 May 2014

The Look: Welcome To The Jungle

Top: One I made myself
Shorts: Factorie
Clutch: Valleygirl
Sandals: Big W
Bracelets and Earrings: Lovisa

Leopard print has come back into the fashion spotlight this season. Swap your brown tones for cooler blue and green prints: think snow leopard not spice girls!

Rachel xoxo