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30 April 2014

'Why are you allowed to love your curves, when it's wrong for me to love my bones?' The BIG body image debate

Once again, the fashion media have gone into a frenzy after the model Cassi Van Den Dungen stood up to the bullies and posted this picture on Instagram:
cassie van den dungen hits out at skinny shamers

(Instagram @cassivandendungen)

It made me think: why should we get away with criticizing healthy, yet slim women? Surely, of we made the same comment for someone overweight, we would immediatly be labelled a b**tch?

More shockingly, Instagram deleted this post because it 'promoted eating disorders'. Cassi fought back the bullies stating:

'This is not in anyway promoting this. I posted this because I think it's wrong to put someone down for what they look like, whether it be skinny, curvy, short, tall, etc.’ 

She makes a good point doesn't she?

If we criticize a girl for being overweight we are labeled ‘fattist’, so why are we allowed to label a slim, but healthy girl as ‘anorexic’?

Does this not make us ‘thinnest’?

Similarly, if we criticize someone for being too tall or too short, does this make us ‘heightist’. Surely this is almost on the same levels as sexism, homophobia, or even racism?

In today’s society we seemingly categorize everyone and everything- surely we are all just human beings and are all beautiful in our own, unique ways?

It’s unfortunate how EVERYONE (me included) is obsessed with body image and weight. From your Bessie moaning about her ‘lumpy love handles’ to social media obsessed fads- hello #thighgap and #bikinibridge, don’t you think it’s time we concentrated on just being healthy and happy within ourselves?

I mean, as my mum (and probably everyone elses) said, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

Sadly, us women don't see this as the case, with research showing that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Could this explain why we are all so quick to criticise one another?

Dr Seth Meyers believes that 'the majority of female criticism actually stems from feeling inadequate in an area of life they value highly.' (Source: I think it's time we put a stop to this victimizing cycle.

I salute all women in the fashion industry or on the street, whether slim or curvy, as I believe that health is a true symbol of beauty.

Cassi’s bullying of her weight ironically reflects to a criticism given to stunning plus sized model Crystal Renn, who was slated during a fashion show and labeled the ‘fat’ girl. 

krystal renn for jimmy choo

(Jimmy Choo. Photo from
Crystal states that:

“[Someone] told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, 'I can’t believe I have to style a FAT GIRL!' Believe it, bitch.”

Surely us women should stick together and support each other! Come on sisterhood… let’s bring back that 90s Spice Girls girl power!

It’s not just in the celebrity world that size prejudice takes part either, it’s right at our front door. I know one girl whose very very slim, she eats EVERYTHING, but she’s so afraid of people calling her ‘anorexic’ or telling her to ‘eat a burger’ that she won’t even wear shorts!

On the other hand, I have another friend whose battles with body image lead her to a dangerous eating disorder.

I don’t believe it is pictures like Cassi’s that promote eating disorders; I believe it’s the media and the public nit-picking everyone and finding something to criticize.

If Cassi is too thin and Robyn is too big  (seriously guys, are you blind? They are both STUNNING), then who exactly is ‘the right size’??

The inbetweeners?

the inbetweeners

Erm, not those ones!

Curvier models such as Tahnee Atkinson (who is a tiny size ten) have been blasted by internet trollers and jealous haters- maybe we should just concentrate on our own happiness and health?
tahnee atkinson australias next top model


We come in all different shapes and sizes.

And to quote Cassi ‘deal with it.’


  1. Agreed. Let's all just be satisfied and happy with the body shape we have. I do think its down to media and publicizing that this problem is steadily increasing, and the fact that you get gossiped about if you don't fit a certain image. There are at least two girls in my school that are naturally seriously skinny, but its not like they eat unhealthily or too little or anything, yet sometimes they get verbally called 'anorexic' too. It isn't right in my opinion, and somewhere it needs to stop.

    I think the curvy model is gorgeous <3 In fact, all the models here are. Even the Inbetweeners lol xD

    1. Thanks Olivia-Savannah :) I agree that all body types are beautiful

  2. This is so inspiring . I'm senegalese and in my country fat girls are glorified. I'm tall and skinny just like supermodel and always been unconfortable in my skin especially when i was a teenager. I was even taking pills to gain weight a little bit. I always get comments like : you need to eat girl , why you so skinny , men don't like bones. People actually don't get that it's hurting to hear that everyday especially when you a teenager .

    1. Hello, I'm glad my article inspired you :)

      Be comfortable in your own skin- I've just been on your instagram and you are so beautiful! Don't let people get you down, you're perfect just the way you are :)

      Thanks for your lovely comments xxxx

  3. This was amazing and I 100% agree with everything you said! So glad you linked this on my blog post! Also, thanks for commenting!

  4. I couldn't agree more. People like to judge everyone who is different from them and that's more than a little unfair. I definitely think it's important to accept people of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Not just because calling someone too fat or too thin is a problem, but because it bleeds into the discrimination area where it's okay to talk shit to someone with a different color of skin than you. Neither of those is okay. Great post!


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