Top 5 Best and Worst Celebs Without Makeup

The Worst
Note to self: Look at these when having a self-confessed 'ugly day'.

5. Nicki Minaj
Erm, is this even the SAME PERSON? Although she neither looks better nor worse with makeup, the transformation is just ridiculous!

5. Mila Kunis

The stunning star of 'Friends With Benefits' looks less movie star and more Meg Griffin when she's bare faced. I do blame the photo though- she looks like she's about to sneeze. She's still a hottie in my opinion.

3. Sophia Vergara

She may be the reason our men are glued to Modern Family, but Sophia looks far older sans makeup.

2. Pamela Anderson

Her face is as fake as her boobs it seems. Pamela looses the Barbie and looks more like a 70 year old Beverly Hills Grandmother.

1. Opera
Erm....WTF?! Enough said. 

The Best
As much as we all want celebs to look awful without make up, unfortunately some are genetically blessed. 

 5. Kim Kardashian
 Naturally full lips, huge eyes and flawless skin make Mrs Kanye West a natural beauty.

4. Beyonce
I bet all the single ladies wished they looked like this first thing on a morning...

3. Lady Gaga

Who knew there was such a radiant all-American beauty under all that avant-garde bizarreness! 

2. Jessica Biel
I don't think this woman could ever look less than stunning.

1. Demi Lovato
Dear Demi, loose the Barbie blonde and all of the slap. Pronto. Stop conforming to Hollywood's idea of 'beautiful' and rock what you have naturally got!


  1. great post!!

  2. Hmm I don't agree with most of these. I think it really depends on what shots you find... I'm sure you can get Nicki Minaj looking gorgeous without make up (I've seen some!) and Demi look horrible without it too. Really, I think it depends on the shot you choose!


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