Time Proof Your Pretties

As a woman in my early twenties, I can't afford jewellery from Tiffanys or Cartier. That suuper cute Chloe clutch is far out of my price limit and diamonds and gold are a luxury.

Until I am a first class woman of business, high street accessories are good enough for me. But there are a few ways to make your bargain buys last and keep their quality well beyond their best of date. So who says you can't have Valentino quality on a Valley Girl budget?

Tarnish Proof Your Rings
As pretty as high street rings look at first buy, after a few wears they begin to leave their black-green mark on your skin. Unless you like 'tattoos' that shout- 'Look where I wore my cheap rings', clear nail polish is your best friend.

I bought a brand spanking new pack of rose-gold and silver midi-rings and put this trick to the test! Midi-rings are an easy and quirky way to spruce up any casual look and I seldom take mine off.

Just place the rings on an old magazine and paint away. Depending on the thickness, you can normally coat the rings quite quickly. I coat the top and inside, leave to try for ten minutes, then flip them over and coat the outside and bottom.

And now your rings will not give you a temporary tattoo!

This is also a great trick to stop your rings from turning that nasty, dirty, black colour. It is especially good for silver rings, as these tend to tarnish at a faster rate. I also use this trick on necklace chains and metal pendants and it works a treat!

Colourfast Your Bangles
I recently bought an electric turquoise set of metal bangles- I'm soo in love with the colour. So imagine when, to my dismay, my new jewellery left bright turquoise dye on my wrists! I have to admit at first I was really freaked out, as I thought it was a sudden uprising of all the veins on my wrist!

Solve this problem in one simple step: coat with clear nail polish as above.

Resurrect Old Favorites 
Are you favorite pieces already tarnished past recovery? Just paint over with silver and colored nail polish to bring back its original sparkle! I tried this with a piece I have had since I was about sixteen and it looks good as new! I simply painted over the flowers and 'pearls' with silver and pale pink polish.

Take Care of The 'Real' Thing
Why would you throw a diamond necklace in the bottom of a jewellery case? Take care of the royalty of your jewellery collection and keep them in lined cases: this looks super chic in your jewellery display too!

Baq Your Bags
Whether your handbags are made from soft leather or hard plastic, we've all had the experience of the top layer of colour chipping off. I keep my favorite bags in soft bag cases to prevent this. With more expensive bags these come as a complimentary freebie, but you can also use cotton tote bags to keep your hand bags chip free.

Rain-Proof Your Pretties
Remember the time your brand new suede pastel shoes got ruined by the rain? Or when your mate spilt cider all over your faux-suede clutch? It's so important to use waterproof spray ladies! This way, if accidents do happen, your suede products can be salvaged. So get those waterproofing sprays at the ready! Warning: smells vile and will make you wheeze, please use outside.

Maybe one day (fingers crossed!) I will be able to afford a Mulberry bag.... Until then, I plan to keep up my accessory care plan religiously!

Rachel xxxx

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