DIY Beach Necklace

This Easter Weekend I headed down the coast to Jake's families beach hut in the Burdekin. As I'm lying on the beach chilling, I love a good something to fiddle with as I get a tan. And this is how I ended up making this really quirky tribal-esque necklace.

If your soaking up some rays on the beach and your boyf is busy kicking round a football, you can make one of these too- it's super easy! All I did was grab some interesting bits off the beach- shells, a coconut shell and a dried up plant. I then hand-drilled little holes in them with a nail and threaded them onto some shredded palm leaf.

And voila! A brand new piece to rock while your on the beach!
 Sorry Brit readers- how to get lovely sunshine and sparkly seas is not included in this tutorial!

Happy crafting!

Rachel xoxo


  1. Rosie Johannason22 April 2014 at 21:17

    Wow! Super creative :)

  2. British reader here and missing the beach so much! It's really looking fab there. I hope you had fun! The necklace looks super hip too :)


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