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25 March 2014

100 Years of Fashion in 10 Photos

Style: We all have it, whether it be conventional or quirky, our wardrobes all speak something of both us as individuals and the times and trends we have lived through. But what about women in the past? What would our grandmother or great grandmother have pulled out of her closet on a morning?

Let's have a look back at the amazing fashion evolution that was the past century...

1910s Fashion

1910 fashion s bend gown 
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Pre-war fashion echoed its Victorian predecessors. Women wore full length, heavily-corseted gowns, which heightened the waist-hip ratio, making them appear more 'fertile' to men. The above illustration shows the 's-bend' design gown, which consisted of a tiny cinched waist, a high neck and a full, pleated skirt.

1920s Fashion

Louise brookes wearing chanel 1920s fashion

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This decade marked the shift from heavy Victorian gowns and corsets to a new fashion movement. Coco Chanel made her first appearances on the fashion scene and designed the chemise, a short, light dress that allowed young women to dance freely. The photo shows popular actress Louise Brookes wearing one of Chanel's creations. This era was dominated by flapper style fashion, which consisted of straight-up and down figures, rising hemlines and excessive makeup.

1930s Fashion

Elsa Schiaperelli 1930s fashion

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Surrealist designer Elsa Schiaperelli captured the avant-garde art movement through her theatrical and unheard of creations. The designer herself caused controversy by wearing a trouser-skirt, maybe we have her to thank for the current 'skort' trend!

1940s Fashion

1940s dior dress hour glass

(Photo Source:
Christian Dior's first collection ultimately changed the face of women's fashion. The straight up and down war time shapes were replaced with cinched waists; this was the start of the hour glass figure. This photo marks the re-definition of the fashion industry in post war France and ultimately signifies the shift from depression to happier times.

1950s Fashion

grace kelly rear window dress 1950s fashion
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Who can forget that stunning dress that Grace Kelly wore in Hitchcock 'Rear Window'. Cinched-waist, pearls, curled hair and full tulle-skirt, this photo truly represents 1950s glamour. Grace was a major fashion icon of the decade, with Hermes even creating the 'Kelly' bag in order for her to hide her baby bump from the press.

1960s Fashion

twiggy 1960s mod fashion

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Arguably the first ever supermodel in existence, Twiggy started the trend for ultra-thin models. Mini hemlines, psychedelic prints and bee-hive hairdos sum up the 60s in a nutshell.

1970s Fashion


The 70s embodied laid-back Bohemia, with long parted hair and free-flowing shapes. The above photo features Lauren Hutton wearing Oscar De La Renta in a 1970s edition of Vogue. 

1980s Fashion

brooke shields 1980s calvin klein campaign

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Brooke Shields' iconic jeans campaign has to be one of the most famous Calvin Klein has ever produced. The supermodel echoes the 80s style perfectly with beautiful all-American girl next door looks and huuuuge hair and eyebrows.

1990s Fashion

kate moss heroin chic 1990s fashion trend
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This iconic photo of a young Kate Moss embodies the 1990s 'heroin chic' look. Waif-like models, crop tops and unfinished hair were all the rage. And who can forget child-hood favorite fashion trends: velvet, tracksuit bottoms and pigtails- ah, memories...

2000s Fashion

britney spears christina aguilara 2000s mtv music awards

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This was the decade in which MTV ruled fashion as much as the runways. Who could forget Britney and Christina, with their one-shouldered numbers, leather chokers and sparkly detailing?

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