braided hairstyles for a lob or mid-length hair

Ladies with lobs or mid-length hair: you can rock beautiful braids! Today I've put together 3 braided hairstyles for a lob that will ensure your shoulder-length hair is just as versatile as your long haired buddies.

After seeing bucket-loads of amazing feedback after my last hair tutorial for lobs and mid-length hair (blushes), I'm back with another! I have to say, I am surprised that is becoming a regular 'Daily Luxe' thing, as I have about as much hair as a three year old baby. 

Nonetheless, get thee to a mirror, as your lob's about to become one heck of a braidy lady!

Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are totally the in-thing! And as the biggest 90s kid, I just had to find a way to create boxer braids for my lob! 
boxer braid lob mid-length hair
Separate your hair into two halves, tie one side. Begin to braid one half of your hair by taking a one inch chunk close to your parting. Begin to do a dutch braid (crossing over, rather than under) and pick up hair to add to the outer strands as you go. Pull tightly as you go along.

braided hairstyles for a lob 

When all of your hair is included in the braid, braid the lengths in a dutch braid. Repeat on the other side.

boxer braids lob mid length hair

Out of all the braided hairstyles for a lob, I really think that this one takes the trend crown!

 The Triple Threat

Ok.. so I sort of stumbled across this hair braid by accident, hence the made up, utterly ridiculous, X-Factor style name! When I was just sitting and messing with my hair, as you do, I ended up combining three braids and looping them around each other to create this cute ponytail braid. 

braided updo for lob shoulder length hair

 Scoop the two sections of hair above your earlobes backwards and grab a chunk of hair from the center of your head at the same height. Ensure the bottom section of your hair is still loose. Create a dutch braid (crossing the hair over each other, rather than under). Secure with a hair tie.

braided hair tutorial

Take the bottom section of hair and divide into two. Dutch braid both sections.

braided ponytail for lob

Cross the two smaller braids over the large braid and then tuck the loose braid ends over the braid.  Secure with bobby pins.

blonde braided lob ponytail braid tutorial for mid length hair

Wonder if this is the type of triple threat that gets Simon Cowell going?

Half Up Half Down Ponytail Braid
Half up and half down braids are some of the prettiest out there, and this lob ponytail braid is made for mid-length hair!
half up half down braid tutorial

Begin by taking a small chunk of hair from close to your parting and french braid for about three inches. When the french braid has reached behind your ears, braid the rest of the hair as a detached braid. Secure. Repeat on the other side.

half up half down fishtail braid lob

Take the two braids and secure in a low ponytail behind your head. Undo the rest of the braids length and create a fishtail braid. Secure with a hair tie, spritz with hairspray and then pull the strands gently with your fingers to add volume.

how to create effortless beach waves for your lob

Give your lob beachy waves by curling with a curling wand, then gently separating.

wavy beachy lob with braid

Ta-da! Lob braid wins again!

Did you try any of these braided hairstyles on your lob? Let me know!!

P.S. I took my other half to his first ever fashion event this week (Cairns Central Spring Meets Summer Launch) and he had to sit in the front row with me! **Insert evil laugh** Here's a GIF for your amusement:
Cairns Central Spring Meets Summer launch fashion blogger
Ah... the perks of being a Cairns fashion blogger.

cairns fashion blogger Rachel Holliday

The cami slip is one item that you need to invest in this season.

Today, I've given mine a beach-y, boho edge with lace shorts and Coachella-inspired accessories.

Plus: I share what I really look like when I blog...

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 how to style a lob
If you told me I was going to cut my hair into a ‘bob’ 5 years ago, I would have laughed. Or cried. Then walked around in a swimming cap in fear that someone with scissors was watching. ‘Bobs’ belonged on that 55 year old lady round the block. She was predominately called Sue, she loved angora jumpers and she was about to go through a mid-life crisis. I mean… what kind of sexy hairstyle is named after a guy called Robert?

Fast forward a few years and I am loving my long bob! The lob is one heck of a do’! At that gorgeous, shoulder skimming length that’s super flattering, I’m officially on the ‘bob’ train. Although the long bob is far more versatile than ‘the Anna Wintour’ or ‘the Pob’ (god remember that?!), it can be a bit tricky to mix up your look, especially if you previously had long hair.

I’ve been experimenting with my mid-length tresses, and there’s actually loads of options when it comes to styling your lob! Today, I’m going to show you three cute ways to style your lob: the beachy waves, the fishtail braid and the half top knot.