The Luxe List

15 August 2017

10 Gucci Slogan T-Shirt Dupes For Under $60

gucci slogan t-shirt tee with stripe lookalike dupes for under 60 dollars

If there's one 'it' item on the street style scene right now, it's the Gucci slogan t-shirt. It has taken over our Instagram feeds, featured in numerous glossy mags and dwells on every it girls wardrobe.

But before you go ahead and add that t-shirt to your wardrobe, I'll warn you that the cute Gucci slogan tee will set you back $450.

**Hairs on back of neck firmly raised**

Don't sweat it! I've searched high and low for the Gucci slogan t-shirt lookalikes that will give you that designer look for less.

Here's 10 Gucci slogan t-shirt lookalikes for under $60 AUD

Cos we all can't afford $450 for a bloody t-shirt...
8 August 2017

The Baker Boy Hat: Why You Need One

baker boy hat outfit with ripped jeans and fishnet tights

If there's one thing that can make any outfit look now, it's the baker boy hat.

Nautical, effortless and great for a bad hair day (just saying), my baker boy hat has got me feeling all Kate Moss circa 1997.

If you're not convinced that the baker boy cap is the next big thing, read on for the reasons that may just convince you to click **add to cart**.
2 August 2017

Luxe Love: Alice McCall

blonde fashion blogger wearing alice mccall fringe floral embellished top with jeans michael kors star clutchSheer? Check! Flare sleeves? Check! Floral embroidery? Check! This Alice McCall top is a statement talking point and I am hooked.

Today I style up a statement top from my favorite Aussie designer, Alice McCall, and get myself starry-eyed with some intergalactic-embellished accessories.

25 July 2017

5 Unusual Ways To Find Style Inspiration

style inspiration australian blogger wearing boho white crochet jumpsuit with straw hat rose gold sunglasses stood in long grass field with sea in background

You've read the latest issue of Vogue, you've re-organised your wardrobe and your Pinterest board is fuller than Kim Kardashian's backside. So how on earth do you feel so freaking uninspired when it comes to your style?

If you feel like you've exhausted all known methods of searching for style inspiration, it's time to turn to these cheeky style inspiration sources!

Here's 5 unusual ways to find style inspiration...