aztec print artisan plunging playsuit outfit for summer in the tropical Australian rainforest

"We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it."

Direct from the Australian tropical rain forest, comes this punchy, tribal-print look.

how to find the best swimsuit for your body shape apple shape pear shade hour glass shape
The thought of donning a swimsuit can make even the most confident of us ladies run to the hills.
Hello: I haven't done squats in 2 years! I hate my love handles. I'm too skinny.
**Finger snaps** Girlllll you better stop!

EVERYONE can rock a swimsuit, chances are you just haven't found the best swimwear for your body type yet.

I have to confess that I've had this post in the bag for a while now, and with the Northern Hemisphere still enjoying the heat and Australia about to head into Summer, I thought now would be the perfect time. Being in reverse climates/ constant Summer can be confusing!

So get ready for a little styling session and learn how to flaunt all that sexiness your mamma gave you in the right swimsuit for your body type!

vintage floral slip dress over shirt 90s style with black ankle boots and Tony Bianco black clutch. Australia beach outfit
"She may be young, but she likes old things"

The vintage slip dress can be a little bit daunting. Lying in that strange fashion grey zone, it's both see through and can look like you've stolen it straight from your Nan. 

After re-discovering this saucy, vintage Dolce and Gabbana slip dress at the back of my closet, I was seriously determined to wear it. Layered over a white t-shirt and crochet skirt, it's perfect for giving a bit of 90s grunge to a Summer look. Just call me Courtney Luxe!

Well, as Macklemore said: 'I wear your grandmas clothes, I look incredible...'

best places to visit in Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland, in any language, should literally translate to paradise. With sparkling aquamarine seas and serious natural wonders right on my door step, I couldn't imagine living anywhere more serene.

As many of you enter serious wanderlust territory when you see the backdrop of my outfit photos, I thought I'd share with you a few places around the Cairns area that a little bit off the beaten tourist track. Believe me when I say, these places are quite literally wanderlust on legs!

Here's my top beautiful places around Cairns, tropical North Queensland, that you just HAVE to visit!

Ladies: Raise your hands if you have a soft spot for anything black! Thought so!

Although I am a self-confessed walking rainbow, as I get older, black is becoming more and more appealing to me. But, living in a constant tropical paradise, black seems about as fitting to my climate as an Eskimo in a bikini.

As Summer is here for most of the world, and hopefully not too far away for my fellow ladies down under, I thought I'd share 3 vibrant ways to style black for Summer.

All it takes it takes is one black playsuit (with an oh-so-lush choker neckline...)