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19 July 2017

How To Wear Culottes For Every Occasion

how to wear culottes for every occasion

If you've been reading The Daily Luxe for a while, you will know that I wear culottes like most girls wear jeans. Trans: all the freaking time.

Although culottes may have initially been viewed as a big fat fashion fad back in 2015, they have become a modern classic.

Want to wear culottes but aren't exactly sure how? That's where I come in!

So put on your style head and get ready to learn how to wear culottes for every occasion...

**Warning: repeat outfit post offenses are about to come your way**
11 July 2017

Beach to Bar Style ft. Bussola

summer beach outfit off shoulder white top denim shorts wedge heels and hat on far north queensland cairns beach

When you are heading on holiday, the last thing you want is to stuff enough shoes into your luggage to be over the limit.

When it comes to shoes, I’m all for ‘the more the merrier’, but unfortunately, they weigh approximately the same as a baby elephant when it comes to that dreaded check-in travel desk.

Wedge sandals are a versatile, beach-ready style that can be paired with practically everything in your vacation wardrobe.

Today I style Bussola’s* wedge sandals for the beach and for the bar.
7 July 2017

The Ankle Boots Trend: 4 Pairs You NEED

Flatlay of ankle boots ankle boot trend sock boots studded ankle boot embroidered ankle boot star print

Although I'm addicted to all pretty shoes, the ankle boot trend is one that I can never quite get my fill of.

With the ankle boot trend still flying high on the street style scene & on every It Girl's Insta, here's why you need to invest in this statement shoe:

A: Ankle boots are a year-round staple and can be teamed with trousers in Winter and cute dresses in Summer.

B: They have the support of an ugly hiking shoe, with all the beauty of a high heel.

Today I've rounded up the 4 pairs of ankle boots that you seriously NEED in your shoe closet/wardrobe/life in general.
20 June 2017

10 Adorable Gingham Outfit Ideas To Copy

10 adorable gingham outfit ideas to copy

Dorothy called: she wants her gingham back.

There's something so magically nostalgic about a gingham outfit. From primary school 'Summer uniforms', to Dorothy's pinafore in 'The Wizard of Oz', a gingham outfit is enough to make me dream back to my childhood.

But before you declare the gingham outfit a silly, childish farce and hit that 'x' on your tip right hand corner of your screen, I'll stop you in your tracks!

This seasons gingham trend is sexy and cute in equal part. Think Dorothy grown up and shopping in the Hollywood Hills, retro shapes and cheeky flashes of skin that would make the original 1950's-gingham-donning-housewife blush and cover her mouth.

By the end of this post, you will be craving a gingham look smack bang in the centre of your wardrobe!

Don't believe me?

Here's 10 adorable gingham outfit ideas to copy...