summer outfit floral monochrome dress black tassel earrings 
I want to be wild, beautiful and free, just like the sea.

 Today I bring you an abundance of tropical prints, whimsical shapes and bohemian beach goodness from local Cairns designer Wild Sugar By Sajeela* and I give you my top tips on styling bold, bohemian prints.

lookalike gucci loafers with metal bar designer dupes 

Lookalike Gucci loafers for under $40? You gotta be kidding me!

 Well girl, I'm not! This post is dedicated to all the fashionistas who want a wardrobe full of it girl designer items, but have the budget of a graduate/first home owner/ actual normal person who can't flash their AMEX every time the newest designer bag drops.

Read on for my lookalike Gucci loafers and how I styled them, as well as five other designer dupes you need in your closets ASAP!

outfit floral print denim playsuit and fedora
**Insert a flurry of banjos for this entire post**

If you thought bloggers only went to sexy street-scapes and balmy beaches, I'll stop you in your tracks right there! Today I head to the good ol' Aussie bush and bring you a more chic take on classic country dressing.

 Please note: This post contains no hootenannys, tractors, sweaty singlets or missing teeth.

girl in infinity pool with sea views hamilton island 
Hamilton Island may just be my favorite place in the entire world. A plethora of white sandy beaches, cerulean seas and natural wonders make this tropical haven a place you need to add to your bucket list.

Get ready for a serious slice of beachy paradise as I share the best bits of my Hamilton Island trip...

christmas baubles on palm tree beach

As the rest of the world settle down in front of a roaring fire and attempt to defrost their fingers with hot chocolate, I am hibernating in air con considering how ironic those icicle fairy lights & snow man decorations are. I mean, I can't even keep the ice cubes in my Coke Zero frozen!

Ok, Australian readers: you can stop laughing at me now! Having grown up in the coldest, greyest corner of England, the concept of a 'hot Christmas' is always something that will baffle me.

Although I may have lived down under for four years, here's five reasons why Christmas in Australia is something that I will never get used to....