18 October 2017

How To Wear Velvet (Without Looking Like A Bad 90s Throwback)

how to wear velvet in 2018 teal velvet maxi dress baker boy hat in cairns sunflower field

Velvet: I'm crushing on that furry goodness, but how exactly do you wear velvet without looking like an extra from Saved By The Bell?

Get ready to embrace this retro fabric, I'm about to show you how to wear velvet without looking like a bad 90s throwback.

Time to frolick in these sunflower fields in my stunning Hale Bob* velvet dresses...

10 October 2017

The Great Ocean Road In One Day: Bay of Islands- 12 Apostles

the great ocean road in one day bay of islands bay of martyrs the grotto the arch london bridge loch ard gorge 12 apostles 

The Great Ocean Road is an Australian icon. 243km of winding coastlines, carved rock formations and dreamy lookouts make this drive the most beautiful in the country.

Having spent a stunning few days traveling Melbourne and Victoria, Jake and I decided to spend our last day road-tripping it down to the iconic Great Ocean Road. 

As we only had one day, we focused solely on The Shipwreck Coast area around Port Campbell. Get ready for rugged rock carvings and crashing oceans, here's The Great Ocean Road in one day...

3 October 2017

Melbourne Travel Diary

girl sitting at melbourne hotel window looking at beautiful city view of skyscrapers instagram fashion travel blogger

Melbourne has been on my bucket list since before I emigrated to Australia, so Jake and I decided to pay this iconic Aussie city a visit.

A foodie and art lovers haven, Melbourne has left me craving another visit full of Australia's best pasta, endless shopping and close-by natural wonders.

From our luxurious high rise apartment, to the Dior Exhibition, to wild penguins, here's the best bits that Melbourne has to offer...
26 September 2017

Cat Eyes & Basket Bags ft. Sunglasses Giveaway

The Australian Summer is here and I am majorly crushing on two accessory trends: cat eye sunglasses and basket bags.

Today I take my LMNT Eyewear* cat eye sunglasses and team them with this Summer's must have accessory: the basket bag.

Psstttt... read on for a cheeky international Sunglasses giveaway.